Supercharge Your Gemstones With Riverstone

Wearing Riverstone with another therapeutic gemstone can intensify and speed up the other gem’s effects and help you move through their healing changes more quickly.

Here are some of our favorite gemstones to pair with Riverstone:


Quartzite  Stabilizing Positive Change

When you’ve accelerated your healing changes with Riverstone, you can anchor them in your energetic fabric by wearing Quartzite. Just remember to take off the Riverstone first!

Lavender necklace

Lavender Alignment

Especially before a chiropractic adjustment, massage, or yoga practice, this pairing helps align the physical and subtle bodies and open them to deeper energy work. Together the gems help bring a deeper sense of balance and healing.

Citrine necklace

Citrine Fulfilling Your Potential

Riverstone can speed up the process of letting go of emotional and mental debris that is initiated by Citrine. The unwinding of physical tension can also occur more quickly and efficiently.

Color Ray Gemstones

Riverstone can also be paired with a color ray gemstone to accelerate and deepen its effects.  RubyCarnelianYellow SapphireEmeraldBlue SapphireIndigoAmethystWhite Beryl and Pink Sapphire.

Learn more about Color Ray Gemstone Healing


Do you prefer 6-mm necklaces but would like the power of an 8- or 10-mm necklace? You can accelerate the effects of your 6-mm necklace by wearing it with Riverstone.

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