The Many Surprises of Amethyst

We love hearing about gemstone users’ personal journeys with our gems. One of our favorites is this story from a young woman in Norway, who began wearing Amethyst to strengthen her voice and experienced some surprises along the way. 

The Freedom to Speak

“I was so frustrated with my voice that I ordered an Amethyst necklace out of pure desperation. I always found it difficult and uncomfortable to talk, and my weak voice didn’t reflect my true personality. Now I thank whatever blockage was in my throat chakra for bringing me greater benefits than I had ever imagined.

“I ordered the 6-millimeter, 18-inch Amethyst so I could comfortably wear it all the time and with other gemstones without them feeling heavy. Also, I wanted any changes to come subtly so my mind wouldn’t create any blockages to the new changes. I knew that smaller gems would support more gradual changes.

“I wore Amethyst with a very strong intention of 'fixing' my voice. Within a few days, I noticed it was physically easier to talk and move my lips. After a couple weeks I realized that the emotional and mental aspects of talking were getting much easier. I am now enjoying the freedom of being able to say what I want to say clearly, simply, and practically, without blending in unnecessary emotional 'stuff.' All of this has continued to improve during the three months I have been wearing Amethyst. 

The Surprises Begin!

“My body was obviously wiser than me and started healing in other areas that I didn’t realize might need help. After about six weeks, an old concussion injury started healing again. It is like my brain has 'modulated'—changed from one musical key to another—while still playing the same song. It’s still the same brain, just a bit higher version. My whole being is soaking up the purple ray. My nervous system is both my greatest obstacle and gift. The Amethyst has helped it calm down, and I am so grateful for the new sense of peace.

“More surprises were a greater sense of freedom and overall clarity. I am better able to clearly define my real wishes and goals, without editing them in favor of what other people choose and what society says is safe, correct, or smart.

Even Help for Headaches

“The Amethyst headache therapy has also been really effective—and the effects last. I’ve used it to help calm irritated-sinus headaches and brain-injury headaches. The pain just settles down, and within an hour the painful area is soothed. 

“It is constantly fascinating what a seemingly small and humble gemstone necklace can bring about. I am so thankful beyond words. Thank you to everyone who works to make these gems available!”

—L.M.O., Slependen, Norway

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