The Difference Between Crystals and Gemisphere Gemstones

The Earth provides us with an amazing array of gifts that we rely on for life. From our earliest beginnings, we humans have harvested and transformed these gifts to nourish and shelter us. We grind seeds into flour, harvest plants to cook or weave for clothing, transform trees into homes, and so on.

Like many of the Earth’s gifts, crystals and gemstones also become most useful to us when they are harvested in their raw form and then molded in some way. Did you know that we use cut and polished gems in everything from lasers to lenses, clocks, and watches? Quartz crystals help run computers, tablets, and cell phones. And Rubies and Sapphires make delicate laser surgery possible.

But what about the gemstones we use for healing and personal growth? 

Gemstone crystals are wildly popular—and with good reason. We intuitively sense their potential for helping us make healing changes. However, like many of the Earth's gifts, crystals in raw form aren't ideal for human use. By its very nature, a raw crystal limits the flow of a gemstone’s energy. Using a gemstone in its raw, unprocessed form is like using certain medicines in their raw formnot as effective and sometimes even risky.

Why Crystals Are Less Than Ideal for Healing

In the Earth, crystals form in many shapes and sizes, but they commonly have one end that’s pointed, and another that is flatter. This shape determines how energy flows through the crystal. Energy from the environment is drawn into the crystal’s base and flows out through its point.

As energy moves through a gemstone or crystal, an incredible transformation takes place: the energy takes on certain properties characteristic of that gemstone. So, for instance, an Amethyst gemstone transforms ambient energy into Amethyst energy; a Carnelian gemstone transforms ambient energy into Carnelian energy; and so on.

As the crystal’s energy exits through its point, some of it flows into the environment in a focused beam. However, much of the energy is immediately drawn back into the crystal through the base.

This energy can feel good to the person wearing or holding the crystal. Yet this flow is the main reason that crystals are limited as therapy tools. For any form of energy medicine to be truly and lastingly effective, it must address the energetic roots of the issues we want resolve—whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. These roots lie in the layers of our energy field that permeate and surround the physical body. A problem with crystals, is that only a small amount of the crystal’s energy can reach into the person’s aura, making it nearly impossible to resolve these underlying issues. 

Using a raw crystal for therapy has other drawbacks. When the crystal’s pointed end is applied to the body, its focused beam of energy can potentially “burn” the person’s energetic fabric. Conversely, when the crystal’s base is placed on the body, it will naturally draw energy out of the body and into itself. It can be difficult to know whether it is pulling out disharmonious energy or positive life force.

Highly sensitive practitioners can sometimes use a crystal’s focus to produce some therapeutic benefits. Yet, for most people, placing pointed crystals on the body in any orientation has unpredictable and limited effects.

When Crystals are Beneficial
  • In technology computers, phones, and watches
  • Placed n your home or workspace

So, how do we tap the vast healing potential of crystals? 

The Holistic Power of the Gemstone Sphere

To unleash a crystal's full healing power, two things are necessary: 

  1. A crystal must be of high enough quality
  2. It must be properly shaped

Shaping high-quality crystals into rounded shapes—spheres, roundels, or rounded chips—is the technological breakthrough that transforms crystals into therapeutic gemstones.  

Cutting a gemstone crystal into a sphere not only changes the way energy flows through the gem—it unleashes the full healing capacity of gemstones. Because of its shape, a gemstone sphere naturally pulls energy from all over its surface in toward its center. There, three things happen: 

  1. The energy becomes highly compressed and concentrated.
  2. It undergoes a transformation to gemstone energy.
  3. The compression sparks a virtual explosion of gemstone energy.

This is somewhat similar to what happens in the center of the sun—intense compression sparks a continual transformation and explosion, causing solar energy to radiate out to the sun’s surface and far beyond. Similarly, the “explosion” of energy within a gemstone sphere causes it to unleash its energy with great power in all directions.

How does this affect a gemstone’s ability to help us heal? First, gone are the drawbacks of having a pointed and non-pointed end! But more important, this explosion allows the gemstone energy to work holistically—to reach deep into your aura and body.

There, guided by the body’s intelligence, the gems go to work, delivering their energetic nourishment and removing the energy blockages that cause illness and hamper our well-being. As disharmonious energies are released, they are naturally pulled back into the gemstones to be metabolized.

In these—and many other ways—the use of gemstone spheres fulfills the promise of crystal healing by unlocking the full healing power of gemstones. In the process, crystal healing is raised to an effective, reliable, and profound healing art: Gemstone Energy Medicine.

We Didn’t Forget About Quality!

And what about the other element needed to transform gemstones into true healing powerhouses? Learn all about the Importance of Therapeutic Quality here.

When to Use Gemstone Spheres
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