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    The Wonders of Dark Green Aventurine

    The Wonders of Dark Green Aventurine

    October 17, 2017 by Michelle Smith

    Gem Advisor Michelle is intrigued by Dark Green Aventurine. Today she talks about why she finds this sparkling green gem downright noble—along with two ways it can be used to help ease pain.

    Going Where It’s Needed Most

    Dark Green Aventurine is one of our more fascinating gemstones. Light and Dark Green Aventurine are essentially the same stone, but the abundant dark green flecks in the Dark Green variety give it a few unique properties. It is these flecks that work to dispel disharmonious energies from each of the body’s weakest organs, one by one, in order of need. Unlike other gems, Dark Green Aventurine’s wave-like energy rides into the body on the breath. Then it goes to work right where it needs to.
    In other words, when you wear Dark Green Aventurine, its energy is naturally drawn to where it can best support. I love this aspect of the gem. Its very nature is to seek out where it will do the most good.

    Two Ways to Ease Pain

    Over the years I’ve heard many stories from people who describe receiving incredible pain relief while working with Dark Green Aventurine. When people ask me about gemstones for pain, it is Dark Green Aventurine that pops into my mind. On its own, the gem is drawn to work on your weakest organ. However, with a little effort, we can harness its wave-like energy to massage out pain from virtually any part of the body.
    Here are two ways you can do this:
    • Direct its energy with Lavender: When you wish to soothe an extremity or other localized area, you can wear Dark Green Aventurine around your neck and place a Lavender necklace on the painful area. The Lavender aligns and opens the area to more life force and directs the Aventurine’s energy there. Read instructions for Directing Aventurine’s Benefits.
    • Use a helping hand: If you don’t have a Lavender necklace, you can cup your hand over the Aventurine while placing it on a painful area. This will awaken a unique property of Dark Green Aventurine that causes it to stream waves of its soothing energy deep into the area. Learn more about this Pain Relief technique.

    A Word of Caution—and Encouragement

    One of the more curious aspects of Dark Green Aventurine is its contraindications. It is true that wearing this gem as a necklace may not be for everyone. Because it shakes loose disharmonious energies from your organs, it is best not to wear it during or after taking toxic medications (like chemotherapy or radiation therapy). It’s also contraindicated if you have been exposed to extremely toxic conditions or have a history of drug abuse. The rapid release of those kinds of energies may be overwhelming for the body. In this case, it is better to first wear Light Green Aventurine for a more gradual upliftment.
    However, even if you have had toxic exposures, you may still benefit from doing the two techniques described above or from the other focused treatments described on our Dark Green Aventurine webpage. Just remember to perform these techniques for shorter periods. Little doses can go a long way!
    Have questions? We encourage you to call and speak with one of our Gem Advisors at 800-727-8877.


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