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    Vacation Essentials: The Beach, Our Dogs, and a Quartz Therapy at Sunset

    Vacation Essentials: The Beach, Our Dogs, and a Quartz Therapy at Sunset

    March 28, 2019 by Christopher Dean

    Last week, my husband and I spent a few days at the Oregon coast. Near the end of our second day, we walked along the nearly deserted beach, laughing at our dogs as they frolicked in the waves. As the sun moved slowly toward the horizon, the sky erupted in calming, warm colors. Prepared for this very moment, I reached into my pocket and pulled out both of our Quartz necklaces.

    I’d planned for each of us to do the Quartz Chakra Balancing Technique during our mini-vacation, but I wasn’t quite sure when would be the best time to go through the process. At that moment, with the sunset in full force and the ceaseless, rhythmic sound of the waves around us, I knew I’d found the perfect time and place.

    We laid out our blankets side by side on the sand and gathered the frosted Quartz necklaces in our hands. The dogs calmed and snuggled into the sand next to us, and I set my phone timer for three minutes. We lay down and coiled our necklaces on our root chakras. Holding each other’s hand, we relaxed into the sights and sounds of the amazing coast.

    After three minutes we moved our necklaces up to the next chakra, where we let the Quartz rest for another three minutes, and so on up the body until we reached the brow. As we did, I could feel myself opening to the life force that the Quartz was attracting to each chakra. As the Quartz moved higher up towards my crown, I felt a wave of positive, refreshing, and rejuvenating energy wash over my body. When we reached the crown chakra, we both sat up slowly, facing the ocean and the sunset. We placed the necklaces on our crown chakras and took deep breaths of the clean, salty air and relished in the purifying glow of Quartz energy.

    After we completed the technique, we simply sat quietly, holding hands, with our Quartz necklaces in our laps, watching the sun slowly disappear into the waves. I felt calm, balanced, and at peace. Thank you, Quartz, for helping me to truly relax and enjoy my beautiful few days at the coast.

    Want to perform the Quartz Chakra Balancing Technique yourself? Here are instructions.

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