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    Podcast Interview:  Eleena Katz Talks Gemisphere and Therapeutic Gemstones

    Podcast Interview: Eleena Katz Talks Gemisphere and Therapeutic Gemstones

    April 16, 2019 by Eleena Katz

    Last year at a mutual friend's going-away party, I had the joy of meeting Siobhan Harris, from Unsweetened Sio. For fun, I had brought some therapeutic gemstones to show everyone, and Siobhan was immediately drawn to them. She was full of questions as we talked and played with the gems. That evening she left with a new Quartz necklace, and since then has added many new necklaces to her collection, and we continue to talk and play with gems whenever she comes into the Gemisphere store

    Then, last month she invited me to continue our conversation on her podcast

    You'll hear us talk about —
    • My background and the unusual way I became part of Gemisphere
    • Siobhan's profound experience with Citrine and other gemstones
    • Recommendations for starter gems
    • Why Gemisphere is the best source for therapeutic gemstones
    • And much more!

    Here's the link to listen. 

    I think you will really enjoy the interview! I certainly had fun recording it. And after listening, I'd love to hear how you liked it! Please share your thoughts below.

    All my best, 
    Branding and Design Manager, Gemisphere