When the Gemisphere Team Met Rose Flame

When the Gemisphere Team Met Rose Flame

As soon as the Gemisphere team saw and held the new Rose Flame necklace, we all wanted one.

Maddie was the first to try it. “When I first met this necklace, I felt very drawn to it. Rose Flame gives me the tools to search out and remove deep, covered-up emotional traumas that I would not otherwise deal with. My experience is that these emotions are gently loosened so I can work on them in a way that gives me time and space to learn from them and effectively let go of any residual negativity. Rose Flame is helping me to better understand how to become my best emotional self.”

Rose Flame

We have observed that Rose Flame’s effects can feel gentle or intense, depending on where people’s issues lie. This combination of Roselle, Sugilite, and Riverstone opens the heart chakra and clears old and limiting emotional energies, fostering a conscious sense of emotional freedom. Both the larger and smaller versions of the necklace clear these limiting energies in the emotional and physical bodies, though each begins its work in a slightly different order.

Love vs. Fear

Rose Flame

The healing energy of love embodied in its gemstone synergy means that Rose Flame can be a particular ally for people who are burdened by anxiety, self-doubt, or low confidence. The Gem Advisors point out that these states are expressions of fear, and that fear itself is an absence of love, a lack of awareness of love. By opening and strengthening the heart chakra, Rose Flame’s energy reminds the body that there is no greater force than love.

Gemstone Allies

Ryan senses a unique partnership between the Roselle and Sugilite. He visualizes Sugilite as a “violet-colored figure walking behind and protecting Roselle’s bright light” as it goes about its work. Sugilite brings the energy of a purifying violet flame. He senses that Sugilite’s protective and purifying presence allows Roselle to work with more depth and freedom.

Although Rose Flame should never be placed directly on the heart, Michelle has enjoyed placing the smaller version on her back, opposite her heart chakra. “It’s a good time,” she says. ”It feels really good on the back.” 

Sugilite for Your Gemstone Tool Kit

Finally, Michelle pointed out that Rose Flame offers gemstone users a chance to work with the therapeutic powerhouse Sugilite, which as a solid necklace may not fit everyone’s budget.

Another Sugilite Combination Necklace

Blood Tonic and Rose Flame

For another combination that incorporates Sugilite’s purifying fire, we suggest checking out Blood Tonic, where it teams up with Carnelian and Bloodstone.


Rose Flame

20% off through Sunday, March 18. 


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