Rose Flame

Rose Flame

Emotional Freedom
Rose Flame offers the profound upliftment of love’s healing energy.

This partnership of Roselle and Sugilite spurred by Riverstone clears away clouds of old and limiting energies in the emotional field and opens the heart chakra. Rose Flame sends a wave of cleansing energy gently washing through the emotional body, liberating you from the influence of unhealthy emotional patterns and fostering a sense of emotional freedom.

Rose Flame necklaces contain Roselle (Rose Quartz)Sugilite, and Riverstone spheres.

Rose Flame can help you—

  • Become more emotionally free 
  • Foster emotional resilience
  • Forgive yourself 
  • Open your heart to new love
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Rose Flame Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A need for greater emotional resilience
  • Feeling weighed down by old and limiting emotions
  • A desire to free yourself from subconscious emotional patterns
  • Reluctance to open yourself to new relationships
  • A desire for more love in your life
  • Difficulty forgiving yourself or feeling self-compassion
  • A sense that your emotions are negatively affecting your physical well-being

When you want to—

  • Experience greater emotional freedom
  • Feel more emotionally resilient
  • Strengthen your heart chakra
  • Open your heart to new love
  • More easily forgive yourself
  • Clear subconscious and burdensome emotional history from your subtle bodies
  • Release unwanted emotional energy from your physical tissue