Staying Healthy

All of Gemisphere's therapeutic gemstone necklaces are designed to support your health, but some are more focused on prevention than others. To support the physical body and the all-around health of you and your loved ones, explore our favorite gems for staying healthy.

Quartz to foster physical, emotional, and mental balance

Bloodstone to boost the immune system

Dark Green Aventurine to improve overall health and vitality

Blood Tonic (Precious) to support blood health

Clear Spring to help speed the healing of an acute infection

White Beryl to clear and support the lymphatic system

Blue Lace Agate to help resolve longstanding chronic conditions

Citrine for digestive health

Carnelian to help stave off colds

Green Tourmaline (for men) to enhance and strengthen the male body and mind

Master Healer for profound and wide-ranging healing support, especially for chronic conditions

Roselle to keep emotions clear and flowing so emotional blockages are less likely to form and negatively affect physical health

Dark Green Emerine to support the organs and overall health

Summer to energetically nourish the physical body

Green Jade to boost core vitality and slow the forces of aging