Dark Green Emerine

Dark Green Emerine

Purification and Healing

Dark Green Emerine encourages wave after wave of the body's disharmonious energies to be released and neutralized.

With each new wave, the necklace uncovers and works on deeper layers of disharmony. Because of the numerical influences in Dark Green Emerine, this necklace fulfills the individual missions of Emerald and Aventurine much more effectively than if the same amount of these gemstones were worn separately.

Dark Green Emerine necklaces contain Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald

Dark Green Emerine can help you—

  • Receive benefits of Emerald and Aventurine 
  • Support organ health
  • Resolve chronic low energy
  • Support toxin release
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Dark Green Emerine Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • An unwanted physical condition, especially one involving an organ
  • Chronic fatigue or low energy

When you want to—

  • Increase your overall physical health, harmony, and vitality
  • Resolve the emotional and mental causes of physical stress
  • Support the health of your organs
  • Support the release of certain toxins
  • Take preventative measures to support your physical health