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    Healing the Physical Body

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    Support organ health and vitality | Resolve chronic fatigue | Be nourished by green ray


    Summer offers the healing benefits of Emerald and the green ray, though to a lesser degree than a solid necklace of Emerald. Read more

    The Quartz and Aventurine amplify the Emerald's energy and facilitate its movement into your inner aspects. Thus, Summer affects your body as though it contains more Emerald than it actually does. Summer is an ideal necklace to wear with Dark Green Aventurine.


    Summer necklaces contain Emerald, Quartz, and Light Green Aventurine.

    • Bring vitality, nourishment, and improved health to your physical body
    • Resolve the emotional and mental causes of physical distress
    • Support the health of your organs
    • Maintain a high level of physical functioning
    • Take preventive measures to support your physical health

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    Tips for Choosing

    Only the finest quality, pure gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from gemstone energy medicine. The higher a gem’s quality, the more therapeutically powerful it is. As a gem rises in quality, its therapeutic potency often increases far more than its price. Going up even one level of quality can deliver many times more therapeutic power.

    Next to quality, the most important factor in determining a gemstone’s therapeutic power is mass. Quality being equal, larger gems are more potent than smaller ones. If your neck is sensitive to weight, consider wearing somewhat smaller gems. Children usually require shorter necklaces and smaller gems.

    Quality and gem size being equal, longer necklaces are more therapeutically potent than shorter ones because they contain more gemstone mass. Consider your comfort when choosing; for example, shorter people may prefer wearing shorter necklaces. If you wish to wear more than one necklace simultaneously, ideally they should be of different lengths. All necklaces 23 inches or shorter contain a 14K gold clasp; longer necklaces have no clasp.

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    When to Use

    You Are Experiencing

    • An unwanted physical condition, especially one involving an organ
    • Chronic fatigue or low energy

    You Want to

    • Bring vitality, nourishment, and improved health to your physical body
    • Resolve the emotional and mental causes of physical distress
    • Support the health of your organs
    • Maintain a high level of physical functioning
    • Take preventive measures to support your physical health

    Summer provides the healing benefits of Emerald and the green ray, though to a lesser degree than a solid necklace of Emerald. Summer contains Emerald, Quartz, and Light Green Aventurine spheres.

    When combined in this necklace, these three gemstones do not work independently, as they would if worn separately. Instead, the Quartz and Aventurine serve to support the mission of Emerald. The Quartz and Aventurine amplify the Emerald's energy and facilitate its work in your inner aspects. In this way, Summer affects your body as though it contains more Emerald than it actually does.

    Emerald not only neutralizes negative energies released by the physical body; it also helps the body release them. When you wear Emerald, your body regulates how much negative energy it releases based on the amount of Emerald energy present; it will only release what it knows the Emerald can neutralize. When you wear Summer, because your body perceives that more Emerald is present than actually is, your body releases more negative energy than it would if you were wearing the same amount of Emerald by itself.

    In essence, the Summer necklace tricks your body into releasing its negative energy. Then the Emerald that is actually present can focus most of its attention on abolishing the released negative energies; very little of its attention is needed to help the body release them. If you wear Summer continually, the Emerald can neutralize all that your body releases. This is one reason that, to receive its maximum benefits, the Summer necklace should be worn continually over a long period of time.

    Summer contains one relatively large Emerald and many smaller ones. The large Emerald acts as a spearhead for the necklace’s Emerald energy, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the fabric of your physical, emotional, and mental aspects. The energies of the smaller Emeralds easily follow the pathway provided by the large Emerald into these areas.

    Quartz has two effects that make the Summer necklace seem to contain more Emerald than it does. First, Quartz amplifies the energies of other gemstones combined with it in the same necklace—in this case, Emerald. Second, Quartz facilitates the movement of Emerald energy into your emotional and mental aspects. Without Quartz, a significantly greater amount of Emerald would be needed to facilitate this movement.

    The Aventurine also serves an important purpose. It acts as a translator or communicator between Emerald and Quartz, which in effect speak two different languages. Without Aventurine, the Quartz would be unable to serve the Emerald as effectively. Aventurine acts as a bridge between the two other gemstones, allowing them to work together in harmony.

    Summer contains therapeutic quality Emerald, Quartz, and Light Green Aventurine.


    Color, brightness, and clarity are of equal importance in therapeutic quality Emerald. The color green that most closely matches the green of the rainbow is most powerful in Emerald. Therapeutic Emerald is a rich, radiant, pure bright green with good clarity. When the necklace is examined as a whole, it should be free of black flecks or have only a minimal number of them.

    One should avoid any Emerald that is cloudy or dull in appearance or noticeably yellow-green or blue-green in color. This is not therapeutic Emerald. The blue in particular is a contaminant that can alter the vibration of Emerald. Not only is it non-therapeutic, but it can actually have harmful effects.


    To receive the maximum therapeutic benefits from Quartz, only optical or near-optical quality spheres should be used. Optical-quality Quartz is colorless, clear, and free from flaws to the naked eye. Such flaws include cracks and inclusions, or foreign matter. Near-optical Quartz has very slight flaws in a small portion of the sphere but is otherwise identical to optical quality. If a Quartz sphere has anything more than very slight flaws, its ability to balance your physical, emotional, and mental bodies will be significantly inhibited.

    Therapeutic Quartz also has no hint of yellow, gray, brown, or smoky coloration. Color contamination and internal flaws greatly limit the spheres’ inflow and outflow of energy.

    People who wear lower-quality Quartz may still feel some effects, since any gemstone will influence an individual's energetic field. However, only the highest quality Quartz necklace—one with deeply frosted, optical or near-optical quality spheres and precisely cut drill holes—will spark the true changes and transformations one seeks from this gemstone. Optical-quality Quartz is extremely rare. Yet it is well worth seeking out, since a necklace made of such Quartz radiates an incomparable energy.

    Light Green Aventurine

    The parameters for therapeutic quality in Light Green Aventurine are similar in many ways to those of Dark Green Aventurine. The primary difference is that Light Green Aventurine contains many fewer dark-green flecks than Dark Green Aventurine. Indeed, a proper balance of dark-green flecks in a light green base is crucial to Light Green Aventurine’s effectiveness. If more than 25 percent of its surface displays flecks, the effects of Dark Green Aventurine will begin to dominate and therefore undermine the action of the Light Green Aventurine.

    The overall color of Light Green Aventurine is pale green with a slight bluish tint. With a light source behind it, the dark green flecks become more apparent, and the gem can sometimes appear bright, crystalline, and translucent.

    The vast majority of Light Green Aventurine available today has been dyed to make it resemble higher-quality Aventurine. Any dye applied to either Light or Dark Green Aventurine makes it non-therapeutic.

    I have found that the combination necklaces from Gemisphere are the next best thing to wearing a solid gemstone necklace. In some cases, they are the best thing! I have learned so much about healing since experiencing Emerald and the Summer necklace. Emerald is simply delicious, soothing, uplifting, enlivening, healing, comforting, and magical. Before I experienced Summer, I was very aware of my body’s physical limitations, and I experienced my body as an encumbrance through which I had to express myself. Since wearing Summer, I experience myself as a whole being of which my physical body is a part – a living, vibrant expression of life energy.

    S.G., Holistic Health Counselor, California

    While on vacation I became very stressed and pulled a muscle in my hip. I was in great pain and could barely move. The only thing that helped me was coiling my Summer necklace up and placing it on my hip. The relief was almost instant and I was able to use this method to ease the pain for three days until my muscle recovered.

    T.E., Oregon

    Wear It Around Your Neck

    One of the most powerful and convenient ways to use a Summer necklace is to wear it around your neck. There the gems will silently work for you as you go about your day. At night while you are sleeping, you can wear the necklace or keep it within three feet of your body to maintain your connection with the gems.  

    Focused Treatments

    In addition to wearing a Summer necklace around your neck, you can use it for more focused treatments. The simplest treatment is to place it on a specific area of your body to focus its healing energies there. For example, you can curl up the necklace and place it on an ailing, injured, or painful area to accelerate the area’s recovery. Here is another focused treatment you can perform with this necklace:

    Eye Therapy

    A Summer necklace is used to relieve distress and disharmony in the eyes.

    Time Guidelines

    Summer can be worn continuously. However, it is always wise to be sensitive to your body’s responses. If you start to feel a headache or significant discomfort, take the necklace off for a while. Then allow your body time to adjust to the changes initiated by the gems by wearing them for only an hour or two a day. Gradually increase this time until you can comfortably wear the gems for as long and often as you wish.

    Cleanse Summer Regularly

    To maintain their effectiveness, therapeutic gemstones need regular care. As the gems help us release energetic impurities, some of these energies cling to the gems’ surface and inhibit their ability to work at their peak capacity. A simple energetic cleansing will clear these energies and restore the gems to their naturally vibrant state. You can use any of following methods to cleanse your Summer necklace. Learn more about these methods.

    Plant Rejuvenation: 2 – 3 times a week, wrap the necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant or lay the necklace in its branches.

    Salt Bed: 2 – 3 times a week, lay the gems in a half-inch of salt for at least an hour or overnight. Place a thin natural-fiber cloth between the salt and the gems.

    Water Rinse: Rinse the gems daily for the first two weeks, then 2 – 3 times a week. To restore Quartz’s frosted appearance, wash with mild natural soap.

    Sunbath: Every 1 - 2 weeks, lay the gems in indirect sunlight for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time. Avoid laying Summer in direct sunlight.

    Caution: Avoid clay cleansing, which will dull the polish of Emerald and Light Green 

    When Your Necklace First Arrives

    When you put on a new necklace or one you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with consciousness and a clear intent. We call this “practicing presence.” By opening yourself to the gems’ energies and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly enhance the gemstones’ benefits.

    Learn more about how to use your new gems here.