Noble Pink

Noble Pink

Emotional Alignment

Noble Pink combines Pink Morganite’s emotional clearing action with the powerful emotional nourishment of Pink Sapphire.

This synergistic combination is deeply healing for the emotional body. Lavender enhances the untangling effect by helping align energy pathways, freeing the flow of emotional energies into the physical body and speeding the removal of blockages that have been causing fatigue and pain. By improving the alignment between the emotional body and higher levels of consciousness, Noble Pink brings greater awareness and strength to our true feelings, providing new perspectives and experiences of confidence.   

Noble Pink necklaces contain Pink Morganite and Pink Sapphire rondels and Lavender spheres.

Noble Pink can help you—

  • Become more emotionally confident
  • Untangle and clarify your emotions
  • Resolve emotional causes of pain, fatigue, or illness
  • Experience healthier, more positive emotions
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When Noble Pink Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A physical condition, such as fatigue or pain, that is made worse by excess emotions
  • Emotional confusion
  • Decreased flow of life energy
  • Difficulty releasing emotional impressions

When you want to—

  • Experience a strong move toward emotional alignment and clarity
  • Remove energetic causes of ill health
  • Become more emotionally confident
  • Experience and express healthier and more positive emotions
  • Organize and balance your emotional energies