Developing Inner Freedom
Rhodochrosite helps develop inner freedom by neutralizing the destructive behavioral patterns that restrict personal growth and

undermine physical health. Rhodochrosite's energy comes like a storm: it destroys negative patterns, sweeps away emotional clutter, and works with you to build healthier patterns. By helping you resolve inner conflicts, Rhodochrosite encourages all aspects of your being to work together with a unified focus. It imparts self-confidence as it helps you realize your power to transform your own life.

Rhodochrosite can help you—

  • Break free from unhealthy patterns and habits 
  • Nurture self-confidence 
  • Resolve inner conflicts
  • Realize your power to transform your life
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Rhodochrosite Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Unhealthy emotional patterns or habits hindering your health and happiness
  • A pattern of unhealthy or dead-end relationships
  • A pattern of negative experiences, such as repeated accidents
  • The feeling of being in a rut
  • Low self-confidence
  • Emotional clutter
  • Difficulty moving forward or taking action because of conflicting needs

When you want to—

  • Break free from negative or restrictive behavior patterns
  • Encourage new, healthy, and uplifting behavior patterns
  • Experience greater self-confidence
  • Resolve inner conflicts