Golden Light

Golden Light

Purifying Light
Golden Light brings light and purification to the physical body, particularly to the immune system and lymph.

Golden Beryl and White Beryl combine to bring pure white light into physical manifestation and brighten the body and aura. Golden Beryl’s warm golden light is echoed in Carnelian’s warming energy; together they uplift the emotions and open the body to higher states. The causal awakening sparked by Golden Beryl and the higher perspective offered by White Beryl enable you to redefine the experience of illness and thus revitalize your capacity to heal physically and emotionally.

Golden Light necklaces contain Golden Beryl, White Beryl, and Precious Carnelian rondels.

Golden Light can help you—

  • Infuse your body with purifying white light
  • Feel hopeful and rejuvenated
  • Support lymph and immune health
  • Break through a healing impasse
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Golden Light Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Pessimism or bouts of hopelessness
  • Low mood
  • A desire for lymphatic or immune system support
  • Feeling stuck or heavy either physically or emotionally
  • Emotional exhaustion from doing healing work

When you want to—

  • Gain a broader perspective on your physical problems
  • Support your immune or lymphatic system
  • Break through an impasse in your healing process
  • Feel more hopeful
  • Be emotionally rejuvenated
  • Improve your general mood