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    Nearly all of Gemisphere's therapeutic gemstone necklaces are suitable for pets. Like people, our pets face a variety of issues that can be aided with therapeutic gems. For example, some animals may be fearful or easily upset because of painful memories or experiences; others may have physical health conditions. Therapeutic gemstones can provide support in resolving these situations and others. Many people enjoy sharing gemstone necklaces with their pets simply as a way of expressing love and appreciation of their companionship. No matter what the issue or desire, therapeutic gemstones can provide wonderful benefits for pets.

    Rhodonite and Pets - Emotional Grounding. Help with Separation Anxiety

    Therapeutic gemstone necklaces can either be worn around the animal’s neck or placed elsewhere on the pet’s body to produce more focused effects.

    To help heal, soothe, comfort, and uplift your pet and to relieve pain, consider these therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your pet:


    Dark Green Aventurine – Purifying the Physical Body

    Dark Green Aventurine initiates a deep purification of your pet’s body, especially his vital organs. Its action is deeply soothing and uplifts overall physical health. Pets with any kind of organ weakness or ailments can greatly benefit from Dark Green Aventurine.


    Dark Green Emerine – Physical Healing & Purification

    Dark Green Emerine combines the physical-healing benefits of Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald in one necklace. The Dark Green Aventurine helps your pet’s body release old, disease-causing energies. The Emerald infuses her body with the life-giving green ray and helps neutralize negative energies in her body and aura.


    Light Green Emerine – Soothing the Physical Body Light

    Green Emerine gently and gradually soothes and uplifts an animal’s body and emotions. It helps eliminate congestion and inflammation and soothes physical pain and discomfort. Light Green Emerine can help a pet who suffers from chronic or acute pain or who is recovering from any kind of surgery or trauma.


    Leopardskin Jasper – Attracting Beneficial Influences

    Leopardskin Jasper helps attract whatever is needed to enhance your pet’s physical health. This may be a new kind of medicine or therapy, an enhanced ability to utilize nutrients, or even a new friend.

    "We bought a Leopardskin Jasper necklace for each family member, including our dog. Within the first few days, I began having dreams about what kind of food and supplements to include in my pet's diet to improve his nutrition."

    S.G., California

    Lavender – Awakening to Soul

    Lavender can be placed on any painful, tight, or misaligned area of your pet’s body to soothe pain and promote healing. This therapy is particularly helpful for painful joints; it encourages their realignment as it eases the pain. The Lavender's energy opens a passageway from your pet's inner aspects to his physical body, allowing more life force to flow to the distressed area. Thus, Lavender can help improve the effectiveness of any type of energy medicine, including other gemstone therapies.


    Carnelian, Quartz, and Dark Green Aventurine

    to Treat Pigeon Fever in a Horse

    “I used Carnelian, Quartz, and Dark Green Aventurine necklaces when treating a Thoroughbred gelding with pigeon fever. Swelling was centering in his sheath, with lymph swelling all along his underbelly. With so much discomfort, he was having difficulty walking. We performed a placement therapy of Carnelian on his sacral chakra area and a Quartz placement on his solar plexus. We observed many “releases," his eyes softened, and his head dropped in relaxation. Then we held the Dark Green Aventurine under his very swollen sheath, and the area immediately began to drain from a lanced opening created by a veterinarian earlier in the week. Directly after this treatment, the horse walked with much more ease. (Because the drained fluid is highly infectious, we placed the Dark Green Aventurine inside a plastic bag to prevent contamination, yet still found it very effective.) We performed the same treatment three weeks in a row, with similar draining the second week and no draining the third week, since the horse seemed to be healed.”

    C.P., Medical Social Worker


    To improve your pet’s emotional and physical stability, nurture your pet’s emotional well-being, and enhance your mutual connection, consider these therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your pet:


    Mother of Pearl – Nurturing and Comfort

    Mother of Pearl soothes and nurtures your pet’s emotions. It’s energy feels like motherly love and imparts the feeling of being cradled in a loving mother's arms. "One of the nicest things you can do for your pet is to put Mother of Pearl around her neck. When my cat seems lonely or a little down, Mother of Pearl seems to lift her spirits."

    K.H., Tennessee

    Mother of Pearl to Treat Dog’s Separation Anxiety

    “I put a Mother of Pearl necklace around my dog’s neck, and she no longer suffers from separation anxiety.”

    J. H.
    Glen Arm, Maryland

    Mother of Pearl to Treat Cat’s Fear

    "I recently purchased a Mother of Pearl necklace for my cat. Normally she is very head-shy; when I take off her collar or put it back on, she gets very upset and runs away and hides for a while. But when I showed her this necklace, she actually made the kind of chirping sound she makes when she recognizes that she is being given a treat. And when I put it around her neck, she settled down and started to purr. This is very unusual for her.

    “Since wearing the Mother of Pearl, she has become bolder and braver. She used to be reluctant to come over for attention when the other cats were around, and she would wait for them to leave before she approached. But now she comes right over, even when the other cats are present. She is also less aggressive with the other cats and tends to initiate play rather than aggression. The other cats in the house also seem to be behaving more positively, too.”

    L. H.
    Austin, Texas

    Rhodonite – Emotional Transformation
    Rhodonite stabilizes emotions. It can soothe and restore order to any of your pet’s feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded. Through its steady upliftment, Rhodonite can gradually transform your pet's emotional foundation, making it more solid and secure. Rhodonite helps your pet become more balanced, mature, and strong.


    Onyx – Becoming Grounded
    Onyx attracts healing color rays to your pet’s root chakra, providing a calming influence, groundedness, and general stability. This is especially helpful for animals who may be prone to hyperactivity and who require energetic and nutritional support in the hindquarters.

    "My older dog is experiencing weakness in his back legs. He sometimes loses his footing and falls. Onyx helps to strengthen and stabilize him as he moves, and I see a noticeable difference in his sure-footedness. When he does experience weakness, he is no longer upset or confused about it. He simply sits down and waits it out in a very calm, confident, and patient manner."

    S.H., New Jersey

    Sodalight – Purifying the Aura
    When you and your pet both wear Sodalight, the connection between you is developed and your ability to communicate is enhanced. Sodalight can build a bridge of awareness between your two Souls, and your bonds of love will become more solid, real, and tangible. Your sense of unity for a common purpose will deepen, even if that purpose is nothing more than enjoying life and the outdoors together.


    Agate – Nature's Nourishing Energies
    Agate provides your pet with nourishment on a fundamental level. It is especially helpful for animals who live in an urban environment or who have a somewhat limited access to the nature and the outdoors. Agate improves coordination among all parts of an animal’s body and can help your pet adapt more easily to any new environment.

    "On days when my pet seems weary, Agate provides a gently energizing rest. It's like a walk in the woods, without the walk."

    W.G., Massachusetts

    To support your pet’s immune and endocrine systems, provide relief from muscle tension or tightness, and to strengthen your pet’s overall resistance to disease, consider these therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your pet:


    Bloodstone – Strengthening the Immune System

    Bloodstone strengthens the immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to the needs of your pet’s physical body. Bloodstone's energy empowers certain components in the bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function. This makes your pet’s body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds. Bloodstone also removes burdens from the immune system as it facilitates the removal of toxins from the body and enhances the cells' absorption of nutrients.


    Carnelian – Revitalizing Your Being

    The vital orange color ray carried by Carnelian deeply relaxes your pet’s mind, emotions, and physical cells, so they can release their disharmony and disease. The orange ray is a key ingredient for life, especially for the life of the cells, and every cell is energized by it. Carnelian and the orange ray can help your pet’s cells let go of their disharmony and disease.

    "My dog developed pre-cancerous tumors on his rectum. We removed carbohydrates from his diet and added high dosages of vitamins A & D. He also wore Carnelian and Onyx necklaces. As a result of these combined therapies, the presence of the tumorous growths has diminished."

    I.B.H., New Mexico

    Citrine – Revitalizing Your Being

    Citrine unwinds tension and increases flexibility in the cells, organs, and body as a whole, thereby encouraging your pet’s body to relax and move into greater overall alignment. Citrine can also help resolve conditions of the skin and eliminative organs, including the skin, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and eliminative aspects of the liver.


    Light Green Aventurine – Uplifting the Physical Body

    Light Green Aventurine uplifts and strengthens your pet’s most distressed organ. It promotes a much gentler purification of the physical body than Dark Green Aventurine and wearing it is a wonderful preventive measure against organ illness.

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