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    Ideally, a weight loss plan helps you create a healthier way to live and enables you to become more energized and full of life. A healthy plan not only helps you lose weight effectively, but also works with your body to address the underlying causes of weight gain, so you keep the weight off. Therapeutic gemstones are natural and effective tools for supporting a natural healthy weight loss plan. They can help relieve craving, stimulate metabolism, and increase energy. 

    Therapeutic Gemstones for Weight Loss

    Wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces can support healthy weight loss:

    Clear Topaz
    Improves sluggish metabolism to burn calories more efficiently; also helps your body detoxify and manifest your ideal weight.

    Helps you lose weight by improving digestion and supporting elimination of what you no longer need, both physically and emotionally.

    Poppy Jasper
    Supports healthy activity levels when sluggishness and fatigue make it hard to get up and move; enlivens and energizes your body.

    Helps you resolve emotional issues related to food, so you can gain control over cravings and emotional eating.

    Apatite Vitality
    Helps you achieve a healthy weight by improving the absorption and regulation of nutrients; helps restructure your physiology to a healthier state.

    Apatite Purity
    Improves the effectiveness of weight loss programs by purifying and nourishing the body’s mineralized tissues at a deep energetic level.

    Apatite Strength
    Relieves cravings by improving mineral absorption and supports healthful dietary changes by heightening self-awareness. 

    Natural Healthy Weight Loss:

    An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Losing Weight

    by Dr. Ada González

    Unhealthy weight gain has become a worldwide issue. Today one in three adults on our planet is overweight, and one in ten is obese. Weight gain is such an epidemic that health experts have even coined a term for it: "globesity."

    In the past, most people didn't have access to as many high-calorie foods as we now do, and life required much more physical exertion. With the comforts of modern living, we have the dubious luxury of getting heavier than ever. Yet, for our health and well-being, we need to stay slim. The good news is that, for someone who is overweight, even a small amount of weight loss can make a major difference in the healthy functioning of every part of the body.

    In my practice as a naturopathic physician, I've found some surprising and effective tools for supporting progress toward healthy weight. I often recommend using therapeutic gemstones. These gems produce consistent and often remarkable results. Simply by wearing therapeutic gems around your neck, you can experience continual support from the gems’ healing energies.

    Burning Calories—Gently and Naturally

    For some people, weight gain occurs with the slowdown of metabolism or the hormonal shifts that come with aging. Wearing a therapeutic Clear Topaz necklace can help raise the body's metabolism to a healthier rate gently and naturally, so it burns calories more efficiently. Clear Topaz also helps the body detoxify, which supports manifesting an optimal weight.

    One woman reported that she never had trouble with her weight until her late 50s. She started wearing Clear Topaz daily, and within six weeks she lost one dress size. To her delight, the results exceeded her expectations.

    Eliminating What Your Body Doesn’t Need

    For people who have a hard time losing weight even when eating right and exercising, I recommend wearing a therapeutic Citrine necklace. Citrine supports healthy digestion, helps relieve constipation, and generally improves elimination and detoxification—all important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. As an added benefit, Citrine helps you let go of what no longer serves you—whether it's extra weight or clutter in your life!

    Ending the Cycle of Weight Gain

    Many people who are overweight also feel sluggish and tired. They may find it hard to move, which further contributes to the cycle of weight gain. When this is the case, I recommend Poppy Jasper, because it breaks up stagnation while it enlivens and energizes your body. It's a great gem if you need more get-up-and-go.

    Gaining Control over Emotional Eating

    Finally, Apatite is a brilliant turquoise-colored gemstone that helps resolve emotional issues related to food. Wearing this gem can support you in making wise food choices and receive the nourishment you need to be healthy. Sometimes we crave foods that are clearly not good for us. If you eat for emotional reasons, wearing Apatite can help you gain control over cravings and emotional eating.

    One woman described her powerful experience with Apatite. She said that when life became stressful, her habit was to use food to calm down. She knew this wasn't the best habit, but felt she couldn't do much to change it. Since she has been wearing a therapeutic Apatite necklace, the impulse to eat when she's stressed is simply gone. She said this amazing change is still going strong after a year!

    Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

    When selecting therapeutic gems, I recommend Gemisphere as the most reliable source. Gemisphere provides only therapeutic quality gemstones. In order for gems to work as therapeutic tools, they need to meet high standards of quality and purity. As an example, the majority of the Apatite gems available today have been injected with plastic glue to stabilize them. These artificial stabilizers destroy the gems’ therapeutic potential. Gemisphere never allows any artificial stabilizers to be used in any of their gems. Gemisphere's high-quality, therapeutic gems are used by people in 65 countries and are recommended by physicians around the world.


    Simply by wearing therapeutic gems around your neck, you can experience continual support from the gems’ healing energies.

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    The only way to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic gems is to try them yourself.