Purifying the Higher Mind

Angelfire promotes thoughts of the highest order, helping you to think more positively and to clarify your intuition.

The indigo-hued Blue Sapphire and the strong presence of the number eleven carry the gemstones' energy to the area of the mind where thoughts first take form.  The Coral and Sapphire cleanse and strengthen this area so that only pure and constructive thoughts can be born. Angelfire clears away the tendency to think negatively while it heightens your awareness that you are the creator of your thoughts.

Angelfire necklaces contain Blue Sapphire and White Coral.

Angelfire can help you—

  • Think more positive and constructive thoughts
  • Strengthen and clarify your intuition
  • Gain a higher perspective
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Angelfire Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A tendency to think negative or unconstructive thoughts
  • A tendency to overly identify with your mind

When you want to—

  • Think more positively or constructively
  • Clarify and strengthen your intuition
  • Gain a higher perspective on your mental processes