Apatite Purity

Apatite Purity

Purifying Your Structure

Apatite Purity protects and supports the health of bones, teeth, joints, and connective tissue by clearing unhealthy energies impeding their optimal health.

This Apatite combination necklace removes collections of unwanted energies from in and around these structures, such as those generated by infection, injury, negative thoughts, or a toxic environment. In this way, Apatite Purity’s cleansing action accelerates healing and protects the vibrancy of the body’s mineralized structures.

Apatite Purity necklaces contain Sodalight spheres and Apatite and White Flash Moonstone rondels.

Apatite Purity can help you—

  • Protect and support bones, joints, and teeth
  • Protect and support connective tissue
  • Enhance mineral absorption
  • Support healthy dietary changes
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Apatite Purity Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A condition or injury in the bones, joints, teeth, or connective tissue, such as in the ligaments, tendons, cartilage, collagen, etc.
  • Weakness in these tissues
  • Demineralization of the bones, joints, or teeth

When you want to—

  • Vitalize, strengthen, and support the health of your bones, joints, teeth, and connective tissue
  • Accelerate healing in these tissues
  • Enhance mineral absorption
  • Improve the effectiveness of weight loss programs or healthful dietary changes