Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix


Blue Phoenix teaches you to let go of the old self and accept the new.

This combination of Sodalight and Quartz releases limiting habits and attitudes to reveal your true, unlimited potential. The Sodalight swirls give momentum to the necklace's effects as the Quartz brings them to your physical body. Blue Phoenix gradually transforms your consciousness, helping you move away from a more fixed, rigid state to one that is more open and flexible.

Blue Phoenix necklaces contain Sodalight swirls, Quartz, and 14-karat gold beads.

Blue Phoenix can help you—

  • Let go of limiting self-concepts
  • Feel inner freedom and joy
  • Tap your unlimited potential
  • Let go of limiting habits and attitudes
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Blue Phoenix Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Habits and attitudes that are holding you back
  • Undernourishment, either physical or emotional
  • Unhealthy cravings

When you want to—

  • Let go of your old concept of yourself and embrace a new, expanded sense of self
  • Feel more inner freedom and joy
  • Tap your true, unlimited potential