Resolving Egyptian Karma
Pharaoh helps resolve karma related to issues sparked by Lapis Lazuli, particularly those originating during the Egyptian era.

To do this, Pharaoh helps you reconnect with a time in history when you had a relationship with Lapis Lazuli. It evokes past-life recall, helping you retrieve the memories that can put to rest any Lapis-related issues still affecting you today. In this way, Pharaoh promotes the resolution of historical ties to Egypt or other parts of the world so that you can better understand who you are today. 

Pharaoh necklaces contain Lapis Lazuli cylinders and 14-karat gold beads. 

Pharaoh can help you—

  • Resolve karma related to the Egyptian era
  • Resolve karma related to Lapis Lazuli
  • Enhance past-life recall
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Pharaoh Can Help

When you want to—

  • Resolve issues or karma related to experiences in the Egyptian era
  • Encourage your recall of past lifetimes
  • Resolve issues or karma related to Lapis Lazuli