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    Yin Moon


    Slow the aging process | Restore youthful vibrancy and resiliency | Protect your vital force Improve hydration


    Yin Moon promotes and restores the fluidity, resiliency, and buoyancy of youth. Read more

    By replenishing and protecting yin energy in the body, Yin Moon helps shield you from the draining effects of aging, a toxic environment, and the stresses of living. White Flash Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline combine to protect and nurture your immune system, hormonal and fluid balance, skin, joints, and overall vitality. While Yin Moon fosters youthfulness in both men and women, because of the strong yin component in a woman’s hormones and reproductive organs, it can be particularly supportive for these areas of a woman’s health. Yin Moon necklaces contain White Flash Moonstone and a Pink Tourmaline nugget.


    Do you own a solid White Flash Moonstone necklace and want to convert it to a Yin Moon necklace? Call our Gem Advisors to learn how.

    • Restore your sense of who you truly are and how you truly feel
    • Reclaim your emotional power
    • Become more emotionally resilient
    • Be able to feel and express more positive emotions
    • Have more balanced emotional responses to situations


    Prices are based on quality and carat weight.


    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    24.5 " 125.86/4.02 30/150 4002 $4,370
    24.5 " 130.46/3.89 30/200 4004 $4,685
    24.5 " 130.92/7.7 30/200 4005 $5,465

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    24.5 " 131.6/4.19 30/250 5002 $4,990

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    24.5 " 127.11/4.38 30/500 6007 $5,995

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    Tips for Choosing

    Only the finest quality, pure gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from gemstone energy medicine. The higher a gem’s quality, the more therapeutically powerful it is. As a gem rises in quality, its therapeutic potency often increases far more than its price. Going up even one level of quality can deliver many times more therapeutic power.

    Next to quality, the most important factor in determining a gemstone’s therapeutic power is mass. Quality being equal, larger gems are more potent than smaller ones. If your neck is sensitive to weight, consider wearing somewhat smaller gems. Children usually require shorter necklaces and smaller gems.

    Quality and gem size being equal, longer necklaces are more therapeutically potent than shorter ones because they contain more gemstone mass. Consider your comfort when choosing; for example, shorter people may prefer wearing shorter necklaces. If you wish to wear more than one necklace simultaneously, ideally they should be of different lengths. All necklaces 23 inches or shorter contain a 14K gold clasp; longer necklaces have no clasp.

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    When to Use

    You Are Experiencing

    • A sense of depletion or exhaustion
    • Signs of premature aging
    • Dryness
    • Rigidity of joints, muscles, or spine
    • History of fluid loss or dehydration
    • History of excessive blood loss
    • Imbalance or weakness in any of the female organs or hormones
    • Feeling vulnerable to environmental stressors

    You Want to

    • Restore your vital force
    • Restore the fluidity and buoyancy of your body’s tissues
    • Shield yourself from the effects of aging
    • Feel energetically protected
    • Support the body’s yin energies 
    • Strengthen a woman’s organs
    • Reverse the loss of yin energy to restore structure and function in the body

    The alchemy of life requires a balance of the yin and yang forces of nature in our physical bodies. Yin energies maintain the buoyancy and resiliency of youth, and they are often the first energies to be depleted as we age. Stresses of all kinds deplete our yin energies. Injury, disease, poor diet, overwork, drugs, and emotional and mental strain can exhaust yin energy, thereby increasing the damage to our tissues and organs.

    The Yin Moon necklace is a potent promoter of yin energy in the physical and supraphysical bodies. This powerful combination of White Flash Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline preserves, protects, and restores yin energy in both women and men. As such, it provides one of the strongest energetic supports for protecting your body’s youthfulness, energy, and resiliency. Wearing Yin Moon can even restore some of the yin energies you have already lost.

    Gemstone Synergy in Yin Moon

    The White Flash Moonstone in Yin Moon strengthens the supraphysical body, which protects and supports the physical body. Through its action, Moonstone energetically protects us from the damaging forces in our environment and the negative effects of stress and aging. Pink Tourmaline carries the feminine ray to the physical and subtle bodies of both women and men. Its energy is strongly protective and nurturing to the aura and physical tissues. 

    The powerful synergy of Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline in Yin Moon amplifies and floods the subtle bodies with the gems’ protective, strengthening, and nurturing energies.

    The Benefits of Yin Balance

    Having a healthy balance of yin energy fosters health and vitality in a wide range of areas. Yin energy supports elastin, collagen, and thus the skin, as well as the body’s fluids, including cerebrospinal fluid and blood. With a healthy yin balance, your body will experience improved hydration, as well as more softness in your joints, muscles, and fascia. By promoting and restoring yin energy, Yin Moon also supports the immune system, hormonal health, and many organs. 

    The feminine quality of yin energy supports the body’s estrogen balance and, in a woman, her reproductive organs. 

    Our Pink Tourmaline Nuggets

    Each of the Pink Tourmaline nuggets in our Yin Moon necklaces is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, the nugget in your Yin Moon necklace will have a unique shape. Learn more about these extremely rare Pink Tourmaline, or Rubellite, nuggets in the Therapeutic Quality tab.

    NOTE for White Flash Moonstone necklace owners: Do you own a solid White Flash Moonstone necklace and want to convert it to a Yin Moon necklace? We would love to do that for you! Learn how.

    Yin Moon necklaces contain a Pink Tourmaline nugget and White Flash Moonstone rondels.

    Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite)

    Therapeutic Pink Tourmaline occurs in a variety of colors, ranging from light pink to dark pink to deep purple-pink. The strongest and highest-quality Pink Tourmaline, known as Rubellite, appears bright and clear and contains few inclusions or flaws. Its color is a deep, purplish pink. The closer Pink Tourmaline is to this color, the more therapeutically potent it will be. Our Yin Moon necklaces are made exclusively with Rubellite nuggets.

    White Flash Moonstone

    Therapeutic quality Moonstone is milky-white and can vary in its degree of translucency. Therapeutic Moonstone displays an optical quality called adularescence—that is, a shimmery flash of white or, in very rare cases, blue. Almost every bead in a therapeutic Moonstone necklace should have a distinct flash. The more surface area the flash covers, the more potent the gem is. For the best view of its flash, hold your Moonstone in sunlight.

    Cracks and inclusions hinder Moonstone’s effectiveness and should be either absent or very minimal. Black or other colored opaque spots void Moonstone’s energy in an area many times the size of the spot itself. A necklace with many spots might even be harmful to the wearer’s supraphysical fabric.

    Our therapeutic Moonstone necklaces are made with Moonstone rondels that have been cut from high quality crystals. To ensure our Moonstone’s superior therapeutic value, we obtain the gemstones in rough form and then have them cut to our unique specifications.

    I have been wearing Yin Moon nearly every day for the last six months. It's a spa-like experience and feels gentle and grounding. Very supportive and rejuvenating. I like to wear it in the evening and relax. My family enjoys the effects of this necklace, too! It appears to help create a calming "happy bubble" around us when we're enjoying family time. This necklace is a beautiful and wonderful addition to my Gemisphere necklaces. Highly recommended!

    I.B., Savannah, Georgia

    We’d love to hear about your experiences with this gemstone! Share your story here.

    Your experiences with therapeutic gemstones can help and inspire others. Testimonials are also invaluable in designing research. Please share your story with us so that we can share them with the Gemisphere community.

    All identifying information will be kept strictly confidential. Only your initials, certification degree (if you are a healthcare practitioner), and state will be published.

    Thank you!

    Wear It Around Your Neck

    One of the most powerful and convenient ways to use a Yin Moon necklace is to wear it around your neck. There the gems will silently work for you as you go about your day. At night while you are sleeping, you can wear the necklace or keep it within three feet of your body to maintain your connection with the gems.

    Focused Treatment

    Yin Moon will focus its work wherever it is placed. For example, you can curl it up and place it directly over an area you wish to replenish and strengthen, such as a muscle, joint, organ, or other area of weakness. Leave the necklace in place for 20 to 40 minutes. As healing occurs, you can leave it in place it for longer periods.

    Time Guidelines

    Yin Moon can be worn continuously. However, you may wish to start out slowly, wearing it for several hours a day and gradually increasing the time as you become accustomed to its energy. 

    As always, it is wise to be sensitive to your body’s responses. If you start to feel a headache or significant discomfort, take the necklace off for a while. Then allow your body time to adjust to the changes initiated by the gems by wearing them for only an hour or two a day. Gradually increase this time until you can comfortably wear the gems for as long and often as you wish.

    Cleanse Yin Moon Regularly

    To maintain their effectiveness, therapeutic gemstones need regular care. As the gems help us release energetic impurities, some of these energies cling to the gems’ surface and inhibit their ability to work at their peak capacity. A simple energetic cleansing will clear these energies and restore the gems to their naturally vibrant state. You can use any of following methods to cleanse your Yin Moon necklace. Learn more about these methods.

    Plant Rejuvenation: Every day of use, wrap the necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant or lay the necklace in its branches.

    Salt Bed: Every day of use, lay the gems in a half-inch of sea salt for at least an hour or overnight. Place a thin natural-fiber cloth between the salt and the gems.

    Water Rinse: Every day of use, rinse the gems in alternating warm and cool water. Avoid using hot or cold water.

    Clay Cleanse: For a deeper cleanse, occasionally perform a bentonite clay bath or pack.

    Special Notes: Avoid cleansing Yin Moon in sunlight, because the sun’s dehydrating energy can energetically “evaporate” the energy that Moonstone emits and that collects around the gems. However, wearing Moonstone in the sun will do it no harm, since your aura will naturally protect the gems from the sun’s drying effect.

    When Your Necklace First Arrives

    When you put on a new necklace or one you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with consciousness and a clear intent. We call this “practicing presence.” By opening yourself to the gems’ energies and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly enhance the gemstones’ benefits.

    Learn more about how to use your new gems here.