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Article: What Is a Gemstone Advisor?

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What Is a Gemstone Advisor?

Are you interested in experiencing the healing power of therapeutic gemstones, but feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available information? Gemisphere’s Gemstone Advisors are here to help!

Since 1988, our mission at Gemisphere has been to provide you with the highest-quality therapeutic gems available in this ever-growing (some might say, exploding!) field. As a unique benefit to our customers, we also provide personalized guidance and support in how to choose, use, and maintain your treasured gems. That is where our Gemstone Advisors come in.

What is a Gemstone Advisor?

A Gemstone Advisor is a Gemisphere expert, specially trained to support and guide you on your path with gemstone healing.

To learn more, I talked with our top Gemstone Advisors, Michelle and Maddie. They shared what they do and how they help people get the most from their gems and from Gemisphere’s resources.

What does your job as a Gemstone Advisor entail?

Maddie: Gemisphere has published a vast trove of in-depth information about therapeutic gemstones over the course of 30 years. No other gemstone provider offers anything close. When you call us with questions or want help choosing gems, we draw on this knowledge to match you with the gems that are the most suitable and beneficial for you.

After you receive your new gems, we’re here to answer questions about gemstone usage and how to incorporate the stones into your life for continued support.

Michelle: We have comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with all of Gemisphere’s unique knowledge regarding gemstones, and we have excellent recall. Our brains are like encyclopedias specifically for gemstone information! We are a great resource.

What is your process with customers?

Maddie: With new customers or people who are just starting out with therapeutic gems, we give them a free consultation to understand what their goals are, and then we go from there. Sometimes people come to us with a variety of ideas, and part of our job is helping them sort out their thoughts and find a focus. We also educate people on the breadth of Gemisphere's information, so they can empower themselves with knowledge.

Michelle: Returning customers often have an idea of what they’re looking for, so we help them fine-tune their choices. We also address more in-depth questions. It’s a little like cooking: once someone starts understanding different flavors, they figure out their unique tastes. Customers develop ideas of which gemstone energies and properties they like. We tailor and apply our knowledge to the different levels of information that each customer might require.

What is some basic advice you can give to customers?

Michelle: Use your intuition. You’ll naturally be drawn to certain gemstone energies. If you trust your own thoughts and feelings, you can’t go wrong!

Maddie: If you have any questions, just give us a call—that’s what we’re here for. Whether you want to know about gemstone size, quality, how to use different gems together, gemstone cleansing, etc., we know how to help. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your therapeutic gemstones, so it’s always better to ask us all your questions, no matter how small. 

What are some frequently asked questions from customers?

Maddie: We get asked a lot about how to cleanse gemstones—for example, what kind of salt to use. (The best is non-iodized or kosher table salt.) We’re also asked about how the size and quality of gemstones will affect the “dose” of gemstone energy you will experience. We’re always happy to consult on these types of questions.

Michelle: I’m frequently asked whether someone can share their gems. You can, but with certain precautions. I also remind people to never reuse the salt they’ve used for gemstone cleansing when cooking! (Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to simply toss the used salt, use it as a bathtub scrub.)

What are some mistakes or misjudgments people frequently make regarding therapeutic gemstones or gemstone healing?

Maddie: A common error is neglecting to cleanse your gemstones. To keep your gems working at peak capacity, they can, and should, be cleansed regularly. Another mistake is not listening to your body when it is telling you to take off your gems and give them (and your body) a rest.

Some people worry about damaging their necklaces, but they can release that fear. The stones are here to do energetic work for us. Although they need (and deserve) respect and care, don’t worry about being too precious with them. For example, even if you accidentally expose your gems to x-rays, you can cleanse them afterward using a clay pack.

Another misjudgment people make is thinking that all gemstones on the market are the same. Most commonly available gems are low in quality but dyed or otherwise treated to make them look good. The low quality of these gems is reflected in their low price. Such treated and dyed gems should not be used therapeutically.

Michelle: Another common misconception is thinking that gemstones will do all of the work for you. Remember, participating in your growth and healing is a good thing! Growth happens when you choose to make changes in your life and take steps to manifest them. The gems are here to support you in taking those steps. And no, there isn’t a lucky gemstone that will make you rich! *Laughs*

Do you have any additional thoughts or guidance to add?

Michelle: As Gemstone Advisors, the spirit of what we do is always in service to your growth and healing. We’re here to help you! We have a wealth of gemstone knowledge, and we love to share it.

Maddie: We are a small company, so all of us at Gemisphere wear a lot of hats. But, in everything we do, please know that we are here for you. Our job, first and foremost, is to support you.

Have more questions about your Gemisphere gemstones? Check out our FAQ page for more information.

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