Feel Your Joy With Roselle

A Gemisphere friend shares the way she uses a therapeutic Roselle necklace to tap into her bliss.

"For years I have had a Roselle necklace, which I would gravitate to whenever I became sad, stressed, or fearful because of an unexpected life situation. Then, hoping the gems would provide me with some ongoing emotional support, I began to wear the Roselle regularly and to keep it in bed with me at night. I wore it to soothe myself and stay in touch with positive emotions, so that life’s stresses wouldn’t interrupt the natural flow of joyous energy. It worked! 

"However, it wasn’t until I performed the Roselle Chakra Clearing Therapy with my necklace that I realized how powerful this gemstone is. I was absolutely amazed. The energy of this gemstone is so easy to sense. As I applied the necklace to each chakra, I could feel the Roselle energy slowly stir and cleanse my emotional body. As I continued, I felt ecstatic sensations and bliss. My eyes even began to tear. Since then, I feel SO good—like myself again, as if the emotional clutter and cloudiness I had collected has been lifted from me.

"Another great Roselle therapy is Releasing Stress in the Heart. I can feel the Roselle energy passing through my heart, bringing with it warm, wonderful sensations." 

—K.C-P., Campbell, California


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