Finding Her Emotional Truth with Roselle

“There have been times when not feeling my emotions has helped me get through the day.… Roselle has helped me to break that cycle.”



A customer in Hawaii shared this amazing story of how she uses Roselle to reconnect with her true feelings and find peace.

 “Having had a childhood history of abuse and gone through various traumas over the past five decades—including a recent automobile accident and relationship breakup—often there have been times when not feeling my emotions has helped me get through the day. My emotions could feel overwhelming. And so I got into the habit of suppressing my negative feelings, which then left me in a state of emotional numbness. That, in turn, would often lead to depression.

“Roselle has helped me to break that cycle. I can now reconnect with my emotions in a healthy way. I find it especially useful to put the necklace on before a psychotherapy counseling session. Our work becomes deeper, and the hidden emotions arise much more quickly. Rather than shoving these emotions down, I feel them and can easily release them in a safe space.

“I have also used Roselle with the same intention on my own. I journal or choose a situation to focus on and hold the Roselle on my heart. As memories and associated emotions come up from my past, I will often find myself crying. But with the gems on my heart, the 'storm' passes quickly. I am left with peace, knowing I have cleared yet another level and become open to more love and to living life more fully, rather than as an emotional zombie!”

—L.H., MSW, Honolulu, Hawaii

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