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Article: Staff Picks: Gems We Are Obsessed With Right Now

staff picks

Staff Picks: Gems We Are Obsessed With Right Now

Every once in a while we like to check in with our team to find out which therapeutic gemstones everyone is loving right now. This time, it also gives us a chance to introduce our newest team members: Welcome Nathan, Paul, and Hayley! See staff bios here.  


Green Tourmaline is my favorite gemstone that I’ve been working with lately. It is one of the most acute and powerful gemstones I have experienced. It has taken me several months of increasing “doses” in order to wear a solid necklace for a full day, and the process has been empowering. I have more confidence and courage, and I feel a strength supporting the decisions I am making in my life.

Green Tourmaline necklace


Heart's Wisdom helps me connect to the Divine Feminine within. As a feminine woman, this is where I hold my true power and strength. When I wear this beautiful necklace, I feel calm, stoic, and confident that my truest self is shining through. I cannot recommend this necklace strongly enough to any woman (or feminine leaning man) who wants to feel more empowered, strong, and deeply in touch with your true feminine brilliance. 

Heart's Wisdom necklace - pink tourmaline, lavender


My favorite gem to work with currently is Sodalight. It’s such a great tool for working with people in an energetically intense situation. Sodalight really helps to keep my energy light and positive. It really is a gem that I would recommend for anyone!

 Sodalight necklace


This past week I worked with Citrine. It brought me a warm, joyful feeling when I first put it on. People have been interacting with me in a much more pleasant manner; my mood has been very positive; and I have found myself enjoying much more of the smaller things in life. After wearing it for only a few days, the aches and pains that usually plague me have been minimized, and overall I just feel good. 

Citrine necklace


My favorite gem right now is Rhodochrosite. I’ve been collecting stones for a while and I adore our high-quality gems. They are so beautiful and have an inner sparkle that shows the way to inner freedom.

Rhodochrosite blog


My current favorite gemstone is a rediscovery. Several weeks ago I tweaked my lower back. By nightfall, as the pain was ratcheting up, I'd resigned myself to the idea of multiple chiropractor visits. That’s when I remembered my Lavender necklace. I hadn’t worn it in a while, and taking it out felt like meeting an old friend. That night I went to sleep with the Lavender coiled on my back, and by morning the pain was virtually gone. This gemstone friend deserved another look! Since then, I’ve worn my Lavender frequently and am amazed at how supportive it feels—like having a gentle, loving hand at my back at all times.

Lavender blog


My current favorite gemstone to work with is Chrome Diopside. It has opened me up to a whole new confidence and understanding of the power of the natural world around us and in myself.

Chrome Diopside necklace - green


Leopardskin Jasper doesn’t grace my neck on a daily basis. It’s not the gem I throw on when I’m running late to work. However, it is a staple gemstone in my collection. Leopardskin Jasper works to regulate my body when my birth control imbalances it. It is the gemstone that directs me when I’m searching for answers, and it always delivers.

Leopardskin Jasper necklace


I am new here at Gemisphere and have only just begun working with gemstones. I’ve recently had the opportunity to string some Amethyst, and the rich purples are fantastic! I’m really enjoying working with this gemstone!

Amethyst necklace on rock________________

Therapeutic gemstones are the perfect energy medicine tools. Want help choosing the best gems for you? Call 800.727.8877 for a free consultation.

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