Is This Workshop For You?

Is This Workshop For You?

You might be wondering — Is this workshop for me? What will I gain if I attend? Will it be worth the time to go?

“Life-transforming.” “Eye-opening.” “Rejuvenating.” These are just some of the ways that our hundreds of Gemisphere Workshop participants have described their experiences over the years. But how do you know if this experience is right for you? 

Here are 5 things you can expect at our upcoming Gemstone Energy Tools Workshop this November.

1. Beautiful hot springs retreat

You will experience a three-day stay in a beautiful retreat center outside of Carson, Washington. You’ll enjoy fresh air, wooded mountain views, and, most importantly for many, rejuvenating mineral hot springs. Some rooms even have private hot tubs! Visit their website here.

2. Learn from the experts

This workshop will be taught by Dr. Sara Hazel, one of the key collaborators in the creation of our new gemstone tools. She has 15+ years of experience practicing and teaching gemstone energy medicine, and does so with expertise, humor, and unique, in-depth insight into gemstones. 

3. Experience the gems in person

Throughout the weekend, you’ll see all of our new gemstone tools and experience their energies firsthand. You’ll learn the ground-breaking techniques for getting the most from these exciting tools and experience them in demonstrations and practice. 

4. Make new friends, and be a part of a fun community of gem users

5. Take time to invest in your health and well-being

Most importantly, this workshop is an opportunity to take a weekend for yourself—to relax and restore in a lovely resort, be with fun and interesting people, and learn something new to support your optimal health. 

Take a step towards greater well-being by attending this workshop in November. You won't want to miss this opportunity!

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