Chrome Diopside, A Magical Meeting, and Unexpected Gifts

Chrome Diopside, A Magical Meeting, and Unexpected Gifts

After a week of pain caused by a tooth filling gone horribly wrong, I took my teenage son and a Chrome Diopside necklace to Sedona to hike into Boynton Canyon. I was in search of some healing wisdom from the earth. My son had not been to this trail since he was very young, when he had gotten scared of the shadowy areas near the old pueblo ruins. That time I had to carry him at least half the way. Now he strode with the confidence of a six-foot-tall young man, occasionally stopping to help his mom over steep terrain.

Five minutes in, we saw a small herd of deer. They locked eyes with me for long minutes as we all stood companionably in the shade to escape the August desert heat and sun. Continuing on, we passed many forms of plant and animal life and picked up young acorns whose colors reminded me of Light and Dark Green Aventurine. We talked little, enjoying the meditative state of nature and pausing when inspired by a rock or tree.

Days earlier I had asked the Guardian presence of Chrome Diopside what he would recommend for my healing. I was afraid I would lose my tooth, and I was very much not excited at the prospect of that loss. Yet it took only a few moments before I knew with absolute certainty that I would heal the tooth—and the rest of my body, for that matter—if I followed some simple natural protocols.

I reviewed them now as I walked. I had worn the solid Chrome Diopside necklace along with a Lavender necklace, which I’d found to be the most powerful combination for pain relief and clarity. I had also spent three days fasting and drinking matcha green tea, as well as doing hydrotherapy, meditating on the Earth, and walking in the sunlight. I used water, heat, and cold to help my body heal. I slowly added in nutrient-dense foods and herbs and did some gentle yoga and qi gong.

All the while, I listened very carefully to the Earth, the winds, the sun, and the rain. Sometimes, said the Earth, less is more. I stayed simple. I stayed quiet.

Old energies and limited beliefs felt cleansed, along with the pain. After one week, my body was full of light—and I got to keep my tooth.

On the trail, my son and I stopped on the red rocks so I could meditate with Golden Beryl and Chrome Diopside. Sitting with the gems, I felt myself slip out of time. I remembered that the body is fluid and ever-changing. With clear, grounded focus—and with heart and discipline—we can reshape our bodies and our lives.

While I meditated, my son stood on the rocks watching a storm gather and move into the valley. The sky began to darken and thunder sounded in the distance. It was time to go.

As we headed back up the trail, a tall man approached us from the opposite direction. His glowing white hair contrasted with his luminous, darkly tanned skin. We all stopped together and stood close under a large tree—without a word at first, as if we had a prearranged appointment.

He then handed first me and then my son a heart-shaped stone of Sedona red rock; one for each of us. Looking deep into our eyes, he said the Earth is always there for us. The Earth and the stones can help humans across the planet, wherever we might journey. The work we do and the places we will go are all on the Earth. Wherever our work lies, the planet will take the darkness and heaviness from us. We can give them to the planet. The Earth will unburden us and transform that energy into food for the growth of new things. Everything is recycled into new life.

Although his message was profound, we smiled a lot and laughed as we talked. And although we had gazed steadily at each other, I could not tell you the color of his eyes; they seemed oddly many-colored. We thanked him and he walked on, leaving us with the stones. Then the storm broke and the rain started.

The gifts of the Earth are everywhere. Sometimes they are just more obvious than others, I guess—though perhaps it takes a mentor of Earth wisdom to remind us to accept them. Nature is waiting for us to attain enough simplicity to use the gifts that are already given. We just have to open ourselves to what has been there all along.

While wearing Chrome Diopside, it seems synchronicities abound and all of nature conspires to help you learn, grow, and heal.

Start your journey with Chrome Diopside.

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