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Article: Is Your Brain at Risk? Brain Enhancement and Longevity

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Is Your Brain at Risk? Brain Enhancement and Longevity

One of the most common requests from optimal-wellness seekers is for tools and techniques to enhance brain function and to reduce the risks of cognitive decline and nervous system dysfunction that are often associated with aging.

There is no doubt that an optimally functioning mind and healthy brain is at the top of the list for quality of life. So much depends on it. Vital support for the brain can be found in gemstone therapies and a variety of other natural healing methods.

Risk Factors for Brain Health

So what puts our brains at risk and underlies everything from “brain fog” to stroke and dementia? Here are some of the many factors that have been identified as jeopardizing mental function:

  • Chronic stress
  • Environmental toxins
  • Too much sugar and simple carbohydrates in the diet
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Lack of mental exercise
  • Injury from sports, falls, and motor vehicle accidents, and other blows to the head
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Lack of proper blood and lymph circulation
  • Generalized inflammation in the body

Because of chronic stress and lowered vitality, many people struggle under the weight of our modern toxic burden. One of the newest areas of research in brain health is the effect that many kinds of chemical and electromagnetic pollution may be having on the brains of millions of people. Watch video presentations on what puts our brains at risk herehere, and here.

Brain function is greatly dependent on the circulation of healthy blood and lymph into and out of the brain. Our blood and lymph may contain many elements that negatively impact our health. Two examples are high levels of sugar or trans fats. Although we have some control over these elements, many other inflammatory chemicals are harder to identify and control. For our brains’ sake, we want to reduce the presence of toxins and inflammatory factors across the board.

Health practitioners that focus on careful and effective protocols may use nutrition, sauna and hydrotherapies, lifestyle changes, chelation, and eliminative organ support. (Note having trained medical practitioners manage major detoxification strategies is safest.)

The Role of Gemstone Energy Medicine in Improving Brain Health

Gemstone therapy can play an essential supporting role in this arsenal of healing methods. The energetic support provided by therapeutic gemstones can speed and ease the process of healing. Moreover, correctly chosen and applied gems can help reclaim the vitality of many people who struggle to respond to other methods. 

Gemisphere’s Star Aqua necklace is an especially useful tool for supporting brain health. Its gemstone-energy formula encourages subtle-body healing and rejuvenation of the central nervous system. Its combination of White BerylBlue Sapphire, and Aquamarine strengthens the vital force and contributes to purification in the subtle bodies and physical tissue. When used properly, this and many other gemstones and gem combinations can be used specifically to support brain and nervous system health.

Wearing the Star Aqua necklace offers many benefits and uses, but a central one is to support health strategies that improve the central nervous system through purification of the lymph and cerebral spinal fluid. Many environmental medicine and other health practitioners have noted the importance of a healthy lymphatic system on mental function. (Read about a recent discovery here.) Supporting the lymph’s ability to remove metabolic wastes and inflammatory chemicals may have a large impact on mental function. 

Pairing Star Aqua with Other Therapeutic Gemstones

Alternating Star Aqua with therapeutic Carnelian and Sodalight necklaces provides a full spectrum of mental cleansing support. Carnelian encourages the upliftment of mood and vitality while supporting the cells to release wastes into the lymphatic system. Sodalight absorbs the clouds of energies that can so easily fog the mind with negative or chaotic vibrational patterns. The addition of a Blue Sapphire necklace will enhance the health of the mind and the intellect.

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”
— E. O. Wilson

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