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Article: When Michelle Met Noble Pink

When Michelle Met Noble Pink

Few things set the Gemisphere office buzzing like the announcement of a new necklace. But when we found out that not only were we introducing a new necklace, we were unveiling a whole new gemstone, we were downright thrilled!

We had been hearing rumors of Pink Morganite all last year. We’d even gotten to meet single Pink Morganite gems during our Mental and Emotional Clearing Retreat in December. That little taste of its energy got me very curious about what was to come. And what came did not disappoint! Few energies have struck me in the “Got to have it now!” way as strongly as Pink Morganite and the lovely combination necklaces we introduced with it.

I was especially taken by the addition of Lavender and Pink Sapphire to the Pink Morganite in the combination we call Noble Pink. The aligning action of Lavender strongly brings in the energies of Pink Morganite and Pink Sapphire. The combination is emotionally energizing, which also translates into physical energy. Even after working with Noble Pink for a few hours, I felt a weight lift from me. I am a big fan of all our Emotional Healing gems, but when I wore Noble Pink, it was the first time I really experienced relief from the physical sluggishness that comes from being emotionally drained.

I am very excited to share this beautiful new gemstone and its combination necklace Noble Pink with our Gemisphere fans. Check it out!

Learn more about Noble Pink.

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