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Article: 5 Ways to Boost Your Anti-Aging Regimen


5 Ways to Boost Your Anti-Aging Regimen

Slowing or even reversing the negative effects of aging is no longer the stuff of wishful thinking. New research suggests that someday (possibly soon!) we’ll be able to turn back our biological clocks in seemingly magical ways by working directly with our genes. In the meantime, however, science tells us we can take some simple steps to increase our “health spans”—and to look and feel younger—right now.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your anti-aging regimen, along with recommendations for therapeutic gemstones that take each step to the next level. 

1. Get your zzz’s

    There’s a reason we put sleep at the top of the list! First, we all know the difference between how we feel—and look—after a good versus bad night’s sleep. A wealth of research explains why.  The anti-aging benefits of sleep include improved concentration, memory, and mood, and even a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

    Good sleep also helps us manage our weight and gives our bodies the chance to produce enough human growth hormone to help keep our physiology more youthful even after we stop growing. Make sleep a priority and you’ll look and feel a whole lot younger.

    Gemstone recommendations for restful sleep: Mother of Pearl, Green Jade, Onyx 

    2. Meditate to tame stress

      Life these days can lead to high levels of stress, which over time wreaks havoc on the body and brain—and can age us quickly. One of the most powerful ways to tame stress—and even roll back its effects—is to practice meditation. Hundreds of studies indicate that meditation techniques can lower stress hormones, reduce anxiety and depression, fight age-related memory loss, improve cardiovascular health, and improve stress-related conditions such as inflammation.

      Don’t want to sit still today? Try a movement meditation, such as qi gong or tai chi, for similar benefits.

      Gemstone recommendations for enhancing meditation: Amethyst, True Soul, Riverstone

      3. Get up, get out, and exercise

        You probably already know that exercise has almost magical powers to promote physical and mental health. Even more magical? Exercise appears to slow down or even reverse aging. In a 2018 study, Ball State University researchers found that a small group of older adults who had exercised regularly over their lifetimes had the cardiovascular and muscular health of people 30 years younger. Especially helpful was the type of exercise called high-intensity interval training. Exercise can also help you stay lean and keep you living longer—and just as important, looking younger.

        Gemstone recommendations for maximizing the benefits of exercise: Green Tourmaline, Athena

        4. Nourish your skin

          We can’t talk about an anti-aging regimen without discussing skin! When we pack our diet with foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, pure water, and nutrients, our skin will show its appreciation with a vibrant and youthful glow. In fact, researchers have concluded that eating fruits and veggies is one of the most effective ways to combat fine lines. Some of the best foods for keeping skin healthy and glowing include the “superfoods” watercress, papaya, blueberries, broccoli, walnuts and almonds, avocado, sweet potatoes, and pomegranate seeds.

          Another tip for youthful-looking skin: Stay hydrated, and—sorry, folks!—cut back on coffee and soda. Dermatologists say these diuretics tend to dull both the skin and hair. Moreover, coffee’s acidity leeches calcium from your body and creates redness in the skin. Not pretty.

          Gemstone recommendations for glowing skin: White Flash Moonstone, White Beryl, Aquamarine and Aquamarine Water, Blue Topaz

          5. Nurture your relationships

            Did you know that a lack of social connections is worse for your health than smoking? It’s true, your friends can help you live longer. Research shows that strong relationships lead to a 50 percent greater chance of a long life. One reason is that supportive connections can powerfully calm the stress-response, putting less wear and tear on our brains and bodies. The result is a longer life with more joy—and fun—in daily living.

            Gemstone recommendations for nurturing healthy relationships: Rose Flame, LibraRuby Dream, Pink Morganite

            BONUS TIP: Reprogram your vision of aging

            Our own thoughts about our bodies and ourselves have a powerful influence on our health and longevity.  A recent study at Yale showed that people with a positive view of aging lived an average of seven years longer than those who complained about it!

            Want to feel and look vibrant and healthy for years to come? Seek out and spend time with friends and family members of all ages who embody youthfulness, energy, curiosity, and continual growth. Then consciously envision living a long, healthy, and happy life yourself.

            Gemstone recommendations for supporting and enacting your vision of health: Clear Topaz, Sodalight, Mystic Warrior

            The Ultimate Anti-Aging Tool

            Wearing a White Flash Moonstone therapeutic necklace helps restore youthfulness by strengthening and nourishing your supraphysical aura. Through its fortifying effects on this aura, Moonstone strengthens your immune and lymphatic systems, boosts your body’s energy supplies, and helps eliminate the unwanted effects of aging. Moonstone’s lubricating energy helps increase flexibility and muscle strength, heal your skin, and prevent harmful DNA mutations.

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