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    The Team Talks Solar Light

    The Team Talks Solar Light

    August 17, 2017 by Katherine Hall

    We sat down to chat about Solar Light, which, along with Yellow Sapphire, is our Gem of the Week. Here are some of our insights and tips about this luminous necklace.

    Who Can Solar Light Help?

    Solar Light’s combination of Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, and Quartz is designed to deliver the benefits of Yellow Sapphire in a milder form than a solid necklace. We all agree this makes it a great tool if you are looking for a more affordable way to experience Yellow Sapphire’s deep energetic nourishment.

    Solar Light

    Solar Light is also a good fit if you—

    • Have issues with nutrition, digestion, or elimination
    • Feel that a solid necklace of Yellow Sapphire may be too strong for you
    • Experience issues related to the yellow color ray 
    • Feel worn down by chronic stress (yellow is the first color ray to become depleted when we’re stressed) Learn more about color ray healing with gems

    Solar Light and Friends

    Like most of our therapeutic necklaces, Solar Light plays well with other gems. Here are a few necklaces we suggest pairing with Solar Light:

    Ready for a Simultaneous Physical and Spiritual Detox?

    Try wearing Purple Eagle with Solar Light. Purple Eagle helps untie the energetic knots in our physical and inner dimensions that lie at the root of a physical ailment. Commonly, such knots are exacerbated by a resistance to the yellow ray. When this is the case, the two necklaces tag team to dissolve them. The Citrine in Solar Light helps unwind the knots, and the Yellow Sapphire supplies the missing yellow-ray nourishment. The Purple Eagle’s purple ray, supplied by Amethyst, brings spiritual detox and nutrition. 

    Pro tip 1: Try wearing the necklaces on alternating days for spiritual and physical cleansing and vitalizing. The two necklaces can help you discover hidden issues.

    Pro tip 2: The purple ray carried by Amethyst energetically cleanses the solar plexus, or third chakra, better than any other color ray.

    More Purple Ray, Please.
    You can also pair either Solid Amethyst or Purple Ray with Solar Light for a healthy dose of purple ray. One reason the purple and yellow rays work so well together is that Amethyst and Citrine are in the same gemstone family: both are forms of Quartz.

    Focus and Boost the Benefits of Solar Light’s Gems
    Pairing Solar Light with a solid necklace of one of its component gems will enhance and focus its work: Quartz, Citrine, or Yellow Sapphire.