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Article: Welcoming the Solar Eclipse with Solar Light

Welcoming the Solar Eclipse with Solar Light

“You are alive because of two spheres: the sun and the Earth. Doesn't it make sense that if you fashion life-giving substances, such as gemstones, into spheres, that you will gain additional life from them?”

“If you want to help yourself realize your own dreams, you must work with a crystal that has been rounded into the shape of the Earth or the sun. Then the crystal will become like the sun and radiate its energy into your aura and touch every part of your being.”

—From Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians, by Michael Katz

To say that we at Gemisphere are looking forward to next Monday understates our excitement—by a lot. That is when the full shadow of the Great American Eclipse will pass within 30 miles of our home in Portland. With eclipse glasses ready (and bracing for epic traffic), we are celebrating this transcendent celestial event in our own unique way. To honor the “star” of the show, the Solar Light necklace takes center stage as Gem of the Week.

As treasured gifts of the Earth’s mineral kingdom, therapeutic gems help us make a conscious connection with our living planet. Through this connection, wearing gems also stirs our awareness of the energetic and spiritual links among the Earth, moon, sun, and beyond.

Solar Light enlivens these connections, with a special focus on the sun. With the help of Citrine and Quartz, Solar Light offers the benefits of Yellow Sapphire, though in a milder form than a solid necklace. Among Yellow Sapphire’s many benefits, it helps us adapt to rising levels of solar radiation so we may thrive under our changing sun. Yellow Sapphire carries the yellow ray, which is abundant in sunlight. Wearing it helps us absorb and use this vital color ray—as well as sunlight itself—in a balanced way. If you regularly get insufficient time in the sun, Solar Light helps your cells learn to use sunlight more efficiently. If you are sensitive to the sun, over time wearing Solar Light might decrease your sensitivity.

Solar Light

People who have witnessed a total solar eclipse say the experience is profound—eerie, unsettling, and unexpectedly spiritual. The sudden absolute darkness and drop in temperature can be both thrilling and disquieting. All of nature seems to hold its breath. In clear weather, the sky becomes a dome of bright stars, thrusting watchers into the center of a vast universe. The black disk extinguishing the sun brings home—instantly and viscerally—our dependence on our star’s immense light and heat, its centrality to life here on our glittering blue sphere. When the first rays reappear from the shimmering coronal ring, people often feel a surge of relief: life-giving solar light has returned!

We can’t wait.

Solar Light is the Gem of the Week!

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