Turquoise Beryl

Turquoise Beryl

Mystical Journey
Turquoise Beryl enables you to journey across the borders of your inner worlds. It opens you to the profound wells of truth, feeling, wisdom, and

knowledge held in your subconscious mind and then helps you integrate them into your conscious awareness. By enabling you to cross internal barriers, Turquoise Beryl reveals hidden or lost parts of yourself, allowing you to reclaim them. Turquoise Beryl thereby helps you achieve much deeper states of self-knowledge and opens a path to tremendous growth and change. Its ability to cross barriers also facilitates conscious travel in the inner worlds, such as in dreamtime, and the experience of mystical states. It encourages deep states of harmony, balance, and unification in the physical body. 

Turquoise Beryl can help you—

  • Gain deep self-knowledge 
  • Experience mystical states 
  • Access your subconscious wisdom and knowledge
  • Allow conscious inner travel
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Turquoise Beryl Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Difficulty accessing your inner wisdom or intuition
  • Lack of direction or clarity about your path 
  • A sense of inner uncertainty 
  • Lack of self-worth 
  • A sense of disharmony in your mind or body 
  • Difficulty solving problems
  • Barriers to your creativity
  • Poor sleep

When you want to—

  • Enhance your connection to your inner wisdom
  • Heighten your intuition
  • Integrate your conscious and subconscious minds
  • Awaken deep states of harmony in your body
  • Allow conscious travel in the inner realms
  • Increase meaningful dream states
  • Do shamanic work