Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix

Karmic Mastery

The synergy of Golden Beryl and Lapis Lazuli in Golden Phoenix helps you align your deepest karmic purpose with your true intentions.

By nourishing your causal body, the Golden Beryl in Golden Phoenix opens your understanding of time, memory, and karma and the way they affect your decisions. The Lapis Lazuli aligns your heart and mind and helps resolve any internal conflicts that are keeping you from actualizing your goals. By heightening your awareness of how you make decisions and manifest your desires, Golden Phoenix helps you master your life.

Golden Phoenix necklaces contain Golden Beryl rondels and Lapis Lazuli spheres.

Golden Phoenix can help you—

  • Know you are the master of your own life
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Align your goals and karmic purpose
  • Overcome obstacles to the life you envision
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Golden Phoenix Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Internal conflicts that are preventing you from achieving your goals
  • A gap between your vision for your life and where you are now
  • Feeling like you are the victim of circumstances
  • A sense of frustration or futility in areas where you want to experience mastery

When you want to—

  • Overcome obstacles to the life you envision
  • Align your heart and mind with your soul’s purpose
  • Feel that you are the master of your own life
  • Achieve mastery in a specific endeavor
  • Take a high-powered approach to achievement