Inner and Outer Beauty

Natural beauty is unveiled when the energetic fog of physical, mental, and emotional stress is lifted away from one's body and spirit. Therapeutic gems dissolve these stresses and provide all levels of your being with energetic nutrition to allow your true spiritual radiance to shine through. 

Light Green Aventurine to gently purify, vitalize, and strengthen the skin and release energetic residues of chemicals

Carnelian to radiate optimism and joy

Golden Light to brighten your aura and bathe tired facial tissues in white light (Learn how to perform a Golden Light facial.)

Apatite Vitality to support healthy weight and enhance absorption of the minerals necessary for vibrant skin and hair

Ruby Moon to strengthen the skin and facial muscles, especially when used to massage the face for several minutes a day

Blue Topaz for optimal hydration and to support detoxification and cell oxygenation

White Beryl to cleanse, purify, and vitalize the lymph

Solar Light to strengthen and nourish the skin