For Athletes

Are you looking to support your active lifestyle? Be sure to check out this collection of gemstones hand-picked by our staff for their effective support of the physically active body.

Onyx to stay focused on your goals

Athena to tap into the warrior spirit and enhance strength

Clear Topaz to help you manifest your vision of physical health

Red Spinel to strengthen muscles and optimize movement, rhythm, and coordination

Dawn Light to experience the strength and stamina-building benefits of Red Spinel to a milder degree

Ruby Moon to strengthen muscles, support recovery from exercise, and reawaken the joy of being in your body

Malachite to fine-tune the body so it works as a coordinated force

Green Tourmaline to enhance endurance and accelerate post-training recovery

Quartz to stay balanced and, when used as a spot treatment, rebalance sore or injured muscles

Citrine to unwind tension in overworked muscles

Indigo to tap into your intuition when being competitive requires seeing a situation clearly

Ruby Dream to support the health of the muscular system

Green Jade Bracelet to enhance yoga, qi gong, tai chi or other movement practices

Green Jade to strengthen core vitality and boost resilience