Strength in Body

Athena helps protect you from the energetic projections of others and strengthens the physical and supraphysical aspects of your being.

Under the protection of Athena, your physical body is flooded with vitalizing energy. When healing requires some additional force in mind and body, this necklace worn for short durations will remove obstacles that may have been hidden. It can help specifically with injuries and damage to physical tissues and the supraphysical body.

Athena contains Green Tourmaline chips, Blue Lace Agate spheres, and White Flash Moonstone rondels.

NOTE: Necklaces designated as "Triple GTR" in the ordering chart have sequences of three Green Tourmaline chips between the Moonstone rondels.

Athena can help you—

  • Protect yourself from others’ projections
  • Cultivate inner and outer strength
  • Vitalize your body
  • Remove hidden obstacles to healing
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When Athena Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Feeling adversely affected by other people’s energetic projections 
  • Feeling stymied in your efforts to heal
  • Physical or other weakness
  • Low energy 
  • Injury or damage to physical tissue

When you want to—

  • Protect yourself from others’ projections
  • Cultivate strength and wisdom 
  • Flood your body with vitalizing energy
  • Gain the mental and physical energy needed to heal
  • Support the healing of injuries or other damage to physical tissues
  • Remove hidden obstacles to healing