Clear Topaz

Clear Topaz

Manifesting Health

Clear Topaz helps you fulfill your vision of health, whether you desire a leaner physique,

recovery from an injury, or the resolution of a serious illness.  This crystal-clear gem stimulates the metabolic processes that can fulfill your specific intention for better health. Clear Topaz helps your body move nutrients and healing energies wherever they are needed, as it facilitates the release of toxins. Through its unique effects on the aura, Clear Topaz improves the relationship of your physical and subtle bodies, making healing more efficient and direct.

Clear Topaz can help you—

  • Fulfill your vision of health
  • Resolve weight and nutrition issues
  • Balance a sluggish metabolism
  • Support detox
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Clear Topaz Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Any limiting physical condition for which you can visualize a healthier state
  • Chronic overweight
  • An acute condition, such as an injury, unexpected allergic reaction, indigestion, or localized infection
  • Sluggishness in any physical function, including metabolism
  • Nutrient deficiencies caused by overactive or underactive metabolism, digestive tract disturbances, food intolerances, or a poor diet
  • Hyperactivity caused by overcompensation for sluggishness in a physical processes
  • A tangle of many physical, emotional, causal, and/or mental factors affecting a condition

When you want to—

  • Resolve a physical condition and you are willing to apply mental focus to initiate and follow through on the change
  • Recreate your body in a healthier state
  • Enhance the effects of another therapeutic gemstone necklace
  • Simultaneously treat a physical condition and its emotional-, causal-, or mental-body causes
  • Improve the assimilation of digested nutrients
  • Enhance intravenous mineral therapy
  • Supplement a detoxification program


Because of Clear Topaz’s effects on metabolism and absorption, it must be used with care and some caution. Here is a partial list of contraindications for wearing Clear Topaz:

  • Systemic autoimmune conditions
  • Bacterial or viral infections that are worsening
  • Unwanted growths
  • Amalgam tooth fillings
  • Certain heart, gland, and psychotropic medications
  • Activities or foods that stimulate the adrenal glands or accelerate metabolism
  • Pacemaker or implanted automatic cardiac defibrillator