For Him

Are you looking to introduce therapeutic gemstones to the man (or dad) in your life and not sure where to start? Or are you a man looking to gain an edge on life in a unique and powerful way? These therapeutic gemstone necklaces have been selected with you in mind.

Sodalight to increase mental clarity and improve his ability to focus

Bloodstone  to keep his immune system strong

Lapis Lazuli  to align his heart and mind for mastery in all things 

Onyx to keep him focused and grounded

Peach Moonstone to cultivate a sense of ease, relaxation, and wellness amid the many demands in his life

Green Tourmaline to nourish and empower his masculine energy and foster confidence, vigor, and vitality 

Mystic Warrior to empower his confidence, courage, and the warrior spirit within

Carnelian  to energize him, nurture his optimism and enthusiasm for life, and boost his mental clarity

Dark Green Aventurine  to increase his overall physical health, harmony, and vitality

Red Spinel to build muscle strength and stamina and find a more balanced life rhythm

Dawn Light to experience the strength and stamina-building benefits of Red Spinel to a milder degree

Tanzanite to help him access his core wisdom and live from his highest principles

Apatite Strength to promote joint health and strengthen his intuitive sense of self

Chrome Diopside to feel inspired, motivated, and supported to take healing steps