Evolving Enlightenment

Tanzanite is a force of spiritual evolution. By giving you access to your deepest soul wisdom, it supports you in

manifesting your most enlightened self and in redefining all aspects of your life in higher spiritual terms. Tanzanite’s energy combines high frequencies of the purple and blue rays with the purity and unity of their white-light source. The result is a profound invitation to evolve to higher levels of soul manifestation and the assistance to do so. Tanzanite is also undergoing the long process of evolving into the future gemstone carrier of the purple ray.

Tanzanite is also available in two combination necklaces:  True Soul and Master Healer

Tanzanite can help you—

  • Access your deepest soul wisdom
  • Embody  your highest principles
  • Take the next step in your spiritual evolution
  • Be nourished by purple, blue, and white rays
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Tanzanite Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A desire to take the next step in your spiritual evolution
  • Difficulty embodying your spiritual principles
  • Spiritual confusion
  • A sense of spiritual heaviness
  • A desire to uplift the health of your nervous system, blood system, or cerebrospinal fluid
  • Imbalances in your chakras

When you want to—

  • Experience greater spiritual clarity and awareness
  • Live from your highest principles
  • Experience greater mental clarity, particularly in relation to spiritual truth
  • Support the energetic and physical purification of your nervous system
  • Cleanse the energy field around your brain and spine
  • Purify your cerebrospinal fluid energetically and physically
  • Energetically and physically purify certain aspects of your blood system, particularly the blood vessels
  • Strengthen the central energy channel connecting your manifested self to your highest soul presence