For the New Year

Looking beyond the holidays and into the New Year, here is a list of our favorite therapeutic gemstone necklaces to encourage positive changes for you and your loved ones—and to help those changes stick. 

Lapis Lazuli to align your heart and mind to help achieve mastery of life

Lavender to clarify your goals and align body, mind, and emotions

Amethyst to release old self-concepts and connect with your innate wisdom

Apatite for support in improving your diet

Libra to facilitate big changes in a balanced way and help break unwanted patterns

Quartzite to anchor and stabilize positive changes

Blood Tonic to get the most out of a cleansing program

Golden Beryl to gain mastery of your time and create healthier habits and relationships

Clear Topaz to optimize new routines that focus on positive physical changes

Golden Phoenix to resolve any internal conflicts that are keeping you from manifesting your goals

Green Jade to clarify your life's purpose