Master Healer

Master Healer

Embodied Enlightenment
The Master Healer necklace offers profound and wide-reaching healing support.

Its three gemstone components unite to create a powerful synergy that spurs spiritual evolution as it strongly supports physical healing. Tanzanite brings its ability to invoke the awareness of soul, while Lavender’s aligning power opens clearer channels for the flow of gemstone energy and soul’s wisdom. Sugilite’s purifying energy lifts away the energetic debris that impedes health. Thus, Master Healer elevates your body’s capacity for healing as it manifests higher energy states on all levels of your being.

Master Healer necklaces contain Tanzanite rondels and Lavender and Sugilite spheres.

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Master Healer can help you—

  • Elevate your healing capacity
  • Resolve a chronic condition
  • Support healing of bones, joints, and nervous system
  • Bring your spiritual awareness to a health challenge
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Master Healer Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A chronic condition in which healing has stalled or plateaued
  • Arthritis or other joint or bone condition, particularly one with inflammation
  • A condition involving pain caused by obstructed structures or energy channels
  • The desire to explore and experience new internal healing capacities
  • A condition involving the connections between your mind, emotions, and body

When you want to—

  • Bring greater spiritual awareness to a health challenge
  • Support the healing of a chronic condition
  • Support the healing of a spine, bone, or joint condition
  • Support the healing of a nervous system condition
  • Uplift the energies of the entire physical body