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True Soul

True Soul

Living Your Highest Self
In True Soul, Lavender carries the essence and benefits of Tanzanite energy throughout the multidimensional human form.

Both gems enhance your ability to express greater amounts of soul energy. Lavender supports the alignment of your physical and subtle aspects to create a clearer channel for soul, thus allowing the Tanzanite energy to flow more freely throughout your being. Tanzanite brings awareness of soul and a drive to express it in your body. In True Soul, these gems unite to help you reconnect all the places where you may have lost your connection to your highest source.

True Soul necklaces contain Tanzanite rondels and Lavender spheres.

True Soul can help you—

  • Experience Tanzanite’s benefits 
  • Heighten your access to and expression of soul 
  • Ease arthritis or other joint condition
  • Support brain health
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True Soul Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Difficulty embodying your spiritual principles
  • Imbalances, misalignment, or issues with communication among your chakras
  • Arthritis or other joint or bone condition
  • Weakness in the spine, brain, or nervous system
  • Alignment issues in the vertebrae and cranial bones
  • A desire to uplift the health of your nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid, or blood vessels
  • Blockages, stuck areas, or painful knots in your energetic systems

When you want to—

  • Experience greater spiritual clarity and awareness
  • Increase your access to soul-level information and wisdom
  • Pursue the next level of spiritual development
  • Energetically purify and enhance the physical strength of your spine, brain, and nervous system
  • Realign your chakra system and awareness to the presence of soul
  • Manifest more soul awareness and a higher vibratory state throughout your body
  • Balance and align the central channel connecting the chakras