Inner Quest

Inner Quest

Opening to the Blue Ray
Inner Quest provides the maximum possible benefits from a small amount of Blue Sapphire.

Although its effects on the mind are considerably milder than those of a solid Blue Sapphire or Lavender Fire necklace, it clears significant blockages to the blue ray. It also helps resolve any issues preventing you from wearing a larger amount of Blue Sapphire. The strong influence of Lavender supports the movement of your attention beyond your mind to the spiritual realms. 

Inner Quest necklaces contain Blue Sapphire, Lavender, and Quartz.

Inner Quest can help you—

  • Receive mild Blue Sapphire benefits
  • Raise your awareness of spirit
  • Improve mental focus
  • Open to the blue ray
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Step 1:Select Gem Quality

The higher the number, the higher the gems’ therapeutic potency.

Step 2: Select Necklace

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When Inner Quest Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Mental fog or confusion 
  • Difficulty focusing your attention 
  • Many negative thoughts or a negative attitude 
  • Distress in the physical head, such as in the eyes, ears, or sinuses 
  • Dysfunction in your vision or hearing

When you want to—

  • Place your attention beyond your mind to your inner aspects and spirit
  • Open and prepare yourself for more Blue Sapphire and blue ray energy
  • Resolve issues preventing you from wearing more Blue Sapphire