Gem Crystals for Pets

Like people, our pets face a variety of issues that can be helped by healing gemstones. Whether it’s soothing your dogs separation anxiety, or calming your cats hyperactivity, easing their joint pain, or enhancing your emotional bond, our rounded gemstone crystal offer support.

Here are some of the therapeutic gemstones that we recommend most often to support the physical and emotional well-being of our beloved animals. Your pet can wear these therapeutic crystals around the neck, or you can place the gems on an ailing part of your animal’s body to focus the gems’ benefits there.

For Physical Soothing and Healing

Support Alignment and Ease Pain
To soothe pain and promote healing, you can place a Lavender necklace on any painful, tight, or misaligned area of your pet’s body. Lavender placements are particularly helpful for arthritis and painful joints. To increase overall energy and vitality, place the Lavender around your pet’s neck.

Promote Balance and Boost Vitality

Quartz strongly promotes balance and increases the flow of life energy, whether it is worn around the neck or placed on an ailing area. Because Quartz works at such a fundamental energetic level, it can support the healing of virtually any condition.

“I have a 12-year-old English Bulldog who has been wearing Gemisphere necklaces for many years. As air quality has deteriorated, at times her breathing has become more labored. Recently, when this was the case, we promptly gave her a Quartz necklace to wear, and within 30 minutes she was noticeably better. I am extremely grateful to have these amazing tools that offer such immediate and often dramatic change. Thank you, Gemisphere.”

—J.L., Anchaster, Ontario 

Strengthen the Immune System
Bloodstone helps strengthen the immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to the needs of your pet’s body. Bloodstone also facilitates the removal of toxins and enhances the cells' absorption of nutrients. In this way, it also supports recovery from infections of all kinds.

BONUS TIP for Indoor Pets: To help your indoor pet stay connected with nature’s rhythms and energetic nourishment, have her wear an Agate, Earth Aqua, or Primordial Forest necklace.


Revitalize the Body

The orange color ray carried by Carnelian is both vitalizing and deeply relaxing. It supports healing by encouraging cells and organs to release their disharmony. Carnelian will benefit any pet with low or sluggish energy or with weakness in the immune, endocrine, or lymphatic systems.

"My dog developed pre-cancerous tumors. We removed carbohydrates from his diet and added high dosages of vitamins A and D. He also wore Carnelian and Onyx necklaces around his neck. As a result of these combined therapies, the presence of the tumorous growths has diminished."
—I.B.H., New Mexico

Support Organ Health

Dark Green Aventurine will initiate a deep energetic purification of your pet’s body, especially of the vital organs. Its purifying action uplifts overall physical health. Pets with any kind of weakness or ailment can greatly benefit from this gemstone.

Unwind Tension and Support Detox

Citrine’s ability to unwind tension and increase flexibility encourages your pet’s body to relax and open to healing energies. It supports healthy digestion and elimination, making it an excellent support for conditions of the skin, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and liver. Citrine is a good choice for pets who need help releasing stress.

Improve Regulation

If worn long enough, Leopardskin Jasper will strengthen and support the health of your pet’s regulatory function. It will also help draw into your pet’s life whatever is needed for physical healing.

Soothe the Body and Recover from Trauma

Light Green Emerine gently and gradually soothes and uplifts an animal’s physical body and emotions. It helps ease congestion and inflammation and soothes physical pain and discomfort. Light Green Emerine can help a pet who suffers from chronic or acute pain or who is recovering from surgery or trauma.

For Emotional and Behavioral Support

Calm Anxiety and Fear
Mother of Pearl produces an overall calming effect as it soothes and nurtures your pet’s emotions. Because of its protective properties, Mother of Pearl is an ideal gemstone for pets who are anxious, fearful, or even mildly aggressive, or who have a history of abuse.

“I put a Mother of Pearl necklace around my dog’s neck, and she no longer suffers from separation anxiety.”
—J. H., Glen Arm, Maryland
"I recently purchased a Mother of Pearl necklace for my cat. Normally she is very head-shy, but when I put it around her neck, she immediately settled down and started to purr. Since wearing the gems, she has become bolder and braver. She is also less aggressive with our other cats and tends to initiate play rather than aggression. The other cats in the house also seem to be behaving more positively, too.”
—L. H., Austin, Texas
"One of the nicest things you can do for your pet is to put Mother of Pearl around her neck. When my cat seems lonely or a little down, Mother of Pearl seems to lift her spirits."
—K.H., Tennessee

Stabilize and Balance Emotions

Rhodonite helps build emotional strength and stability, making it an ideal tool for pets who are anxious or hyperactive. As it builds a more solid emotional foundation, it can help calm an animal who feels insecure or suffers from separation anxiety. 

BONUS TIP to Enhance Your Bond With Your Pet: Sodalight has a special affinity with animals. When you and your animal wear Sodalight at the same time, the gems will build a bridge of awareness between you. Your connection and communication will deepen, and your sense of oneness for a common purpose will grow, even if that purpose is simply enjoying life together.

Adapt to Change

Agate deeply nourishes your pet’s body with earthtone color rays and awakens the body’s innate capacity to heal. Agate’s steady supply of the Earth’s nourishing energies can help your pet stay grounded and adapt to environmental and other changes with greater ease.

"On days when my pet seems weary, Agate provides a gently energizing rest. It's like a walk in the woods, without the walk."
—W.G., Massachusetts

Build Inner and Outer Strength

Blue Lace Agate promotes both emotional and physical strength and resilience. Its calming effect on the nervous system can help a shy or nervous pet handle stress with greater confidence. It also helps accelerate the healing of a wide variety of physical conditions.


Become More Grounded

Onyx attracts a full spectrum of healing color rays to your pet’s root chakra, thereby providing greater stability and a sense of security. This is especially helpful for animals who may be prone to nervousness or hyperactivity.

"My older dog is experiencing weakness in his back legs. He sometimes loses his footing and falls. Onyx helps to strengthen and stabilize him as he moves, and I see a noticeable difference in his sure-footedness. When he does experience weakness, he is no longer upset or confused about it. He simply sits down and waits it out in a very calm, confident, and patient manner."
—S.H., New Jersey


Want more help choosing? 

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