Earth Aqua

Earth Aqua

Return to Nature

Earth Aqua reawakens the body’s inherent power to heal through the forces of nature.

Its energy offsets some of the draining effects that occur when the human body is enmeshed in electromagnetic pollution. Earth Aqua also alleviates the stress of being separated from nature by an overabundance of modern technology, life lived in buildings, and lifestyles that lack sufficient time to rejuvenate in nature’s rhythm.

Earth Aqua necklaces contain Aquamarine rondels and Light Green Aventurine and Agate spheres.

Earth Aqua can help you—

  • Ease stress from overexposure to technology
  • Awaken the body’s healing power
  • Boost natural therapies
  • Strengthen your relationship with nature
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Earth Aqua Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Concern that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from technology may be affecting your health
  • Illness or premature aging caused by exposure to environmental toxins
  • Poor health or difficulty healing that is exacerbated by a disconnection from nature
  • Stresses caused by overuse of modern technology
  • Living or working in a place that deprives you of the rejuvenating effects of time spent in nature
  • Low vitality

When you want to—

  • Restore your body to more optimal health and functioning
  • Enhance natural healing in your cells and organs
  • Increase the vitality of your cells, organs, and tissues
  • Protect and help heal the body from the damaging effects of EMF pollution
  • Alleviate the stress caused by the excess use of technology
  • Strengthen your relationship with the natural world
  • Boost the effects of natural therapies, especially mineral and plant treatments, detoxification, and nutrition