Primordial Forest

Primordial Forest

Restoring Natural Vitality
Primordial Forest supports the body’s natural ability to heal using the forces of nature.

The energies of Light Green Aventurine and Dark Green Aventurine direct the Chrome Diopside’s energies to the body’s tissues and organs. There, the Chrome Diopside awakens and heightens the organs’ ability to draw vitality and strength from minerals, gemstones, natural therapies, and nature itself. In this way, Primordial Forest provides the benefits of Chrome Diopside with a strong focus on physical strengthening and detoxification. 

Primordial Forest necklaces contain Chrome Diopside rondels and Light Green Aventurine and Dark Green Aventurine spheres.

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Primordial Forest can help you—

  • Focus Chrome Diopside’s effects on physical healing
  • Bring nature’s healing power to organs
  • Enhance natural therapies
  • Support detox
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Primordial Forest Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Weakness in an organ or tissue
  • Low vitality or illness in an organ
  • Physical issues that could be helped by natural healing methods
  • Toxicity in an organ or tissue

When you want to—

  • Optimize your physical health 
  • Increase your vitality
  • Bring the power of nature’s healing forces to an ailing organ or tissue
  • Strengthen an organ or tissue
  • Increase your ability to draw strength from nature
  • Enhance a detoxification program
  • Enhance any natural therapy applied to an organ or tissue
  • Deepen your understanding of natural healing
  • Resolve the limitations that underlie slow healing
  • Optimize a cleansing or nature retreat