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Natural Remedies for Allergies

Allergies can make life miserable, sometimes for an entire season.

Natural and effective remedies for relieving all kinds of allergy symptoms—from hay fever to a skin rash—are available in the form of therapeutic gemstones.

Users of therapeutic gems report short-term and long-term relief from food allergies; dog and cat allergies; and intolerance to mold, pollen, and environmental toxins. This unique form of energy medicine can ease allergy symptoms and address their underlying causes, without harmful side effects.

Therapeutic Gemstone Crystals for Allergy Relief

Immediate and long-term relief of allergies is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

Blood Tonic (Precious) or (Semi Precious)
Supports the relief of seasonal allergies by enhancing immune function and strengthening and balancing your blood. 

For any type of allergy and immune reaction, Bloodstone strengthens, calms, and normalizes the immune system so it is less likely to have allergic reactions.

Vitalizes the immune system and helps the body detoxify; particularly useful when your allergies are getting worse over time or you are fatigued by seasonal allergies.

Helps with any food intolerance, such as a wheat allergy, by resolving the underlying issue and boosting the nourishment you receive from food.

White Beryl
Especially effective when your allergy symptoms indicate lymphatic congestion, such as swollen glands and skin rash.

Primordial Forest
By attuning the body to nature’s healing forces, this gem combination offers a healthy counter-message to a body that’s responding to nature’s products (pollen, etc.) as a threat.

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Natural Allergy Remedies: An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Allergy Relief

by Dr. Ada González

More than half of all Americans now test positive for allergies. Allergy symptoms are among the most common complaints I see in my practice as a naturopathic physician. In particular, I've seen a tremendous rise in the number of children, and now even infants, brought in for the treatment of allergies.

An allergy is an excessive inflammatory response to a substance, whether it's pollen, specific foods, animal dander, or certain chemicals. Allergies not only create uncomfortable symptoms; they also reveal issues in the body's immune response. To recover from allergies and to keep them from coming back, it is important to address the energetic issues underlying the body's immune response.

In my practice, I've seen great results using a unique form of natural medicine—therapeutic gemstones. An easy and effective way to work with gemstones is to wear them around your neck so you can experience their healing benefits on an ongoing basis. [Editor's note: Using Gemstone Energy Tools is another powerful way to focus and experience the therapeutic benefits of gemstones.]

Carnelian Reduced Her Springtime Allergy Symptoms

One gem I recommend often for allergies is Carnelian. Carnelian is particularly vitalizing and nourishing to the energies of the immune system. Common allergic reactions are congestion and inflammation. Carnelian's energy can help relieve these symptoms. As the immune system reacts repeatedly to pollen, food, or other allergens over days, weeks, or years, the immune system often becomes even more sensitive, and the allergic reaction worsens. Carnelian's vitalizing effect on the immune system helps the body detoxify and reduce oversensitivity.

One woman had springtime pollen allergies. Every April, her eyes and throat burned, and she felt flu-like symptoms. One year, she decided to try Carnelian and wore it for the month of April. For the first time in years, she was able to be outdoors with her kids and enjoy the season, because her allergy symptoms were so greatly reduced.

His Cat Allergies Vanished with Bloodstone

The energy of a therapeutic Bloodstone, Blood Tonic (Precious), or Blood Tonic (Semi-Precious) necklace can produce effects quickly. Since an allergy is an immune overreaction, in order to resolve allergies, the immune system must become calmer and react only when it's necessary and healthy to do so. Bloodstone and the Blood Tonic combinations strengthen and normalize the immune system, so it becomes more alert and responsive to the body's real needs, rather than overreacting.

I have seen phenomenal responses in people using Bloodstone and Blood Tonic for allergies. One person commented that within 24 hours of wearing Bloodstone, he went from constant discomfort with his allergies to experiencing no discomfort at all.

In another case, a physician tried Bloodstone for his longstanding allergy to cats. After wearing Bloodstone for several months, he realized that the allergy had vanished, and he was pleased to discover that the effect was lasting. Now, even when he is not wearing the Bloodstone and is near a cat, he has no more uncomfortable respiratory symptoms. Bloodstone is a truly remarkable tool.

Help for Resolving Food Allergies

Finally, I want to mention Apatite, which can help resolve the energetic issues underlying food allergies. Wearing a therapeutic Apatite necklace helps untangle and resolve the emotional, karmic, and mental issues related to certain foods, so you can become less reactive to them. People who wear Apatite often find that healthier food choices become more attractive, and they are otherwise more able to receive the nourishment they need to heal and thrive. 

It is wonderful to have something you can do for allergies, with no harmful side effects. The gems I have recommended can take care of symptoms, while addressing the energetic causes of an allergy.

Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

One last note: When using gemstones for health, I recommend using therapeutic quality gems, because they are the only ones that truly produce therapeutic results. 

Enjoy and be healthy!

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