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Article: The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Holiday Gifts by Gemisphere

The perfect gift is not only thoughtful, it is a treasure that continues to be loved and appreciated for years into the future. Our beautiful therapeutic gemstones offer energetic healing support for a lifetime, making them the perfect gifts! 

With the bustling holiday season, it is more important than ever to practice self-care. Our unique Holiday Gift Guide offers lots of self-care options for you and your loved ones during the holidays and throughout the year. Getting 24/7 support for personal growth and well-being is as easy as wearing one of these necklaces. 

The Gemisphere Difference

Why are Gemisphere gemstones different?

Our priority is quality. We believe that, just as the purest medicines and foods offer the best support for overall health and wellness, only the highest quality gemstones have the capacity to provide true energetic nourishment and personal transformation.

To ensure that the quality of the gemstones you receive from us are pure, pristine, and therapeutic in quality, we rigorously evaluate our gems for “7 C’s”: character, color, cut, clarity, consistency, cleanliness, and candescence. This process is entirely unique to Gemisphere.

Learn more about the importance of therapeutic quality.

This holiday season, whether you want to nurture your own soul or that of a loved one, you can find a gemstone that fits every holiday wish for greater health and happiness. Check out a sampling of our gems in the guide below.

Therapeutic Gemstones for the Holidays

Our Favorite Gems for Women

Heart’s Wisdom
Aligning Heart and Soul
To foster emotional clarity and awareness of her soul’s purpose and  to become open to new experiences of love

Strength in Body
For courage, energetic protection, and strength

Pink Tourmaline Stones
Empowering the Feminine
To nurture and empower all the strengths of womanhood

Our Favorite Gems for Men

Lapis Lazuli
Harmonizing Heart and Mind
To align the heart and mind for mastery in all things

Mystic Warrior
Strength in Spirit
To enhance the warrior spirit within and facilitate strength in the pursuit of goals

Green Tourmaline
Empowering the Masculine
For all-around physical, emotional, and mental strength

Calming Gem Gifts for Children

Emotional Transformation

For emotional grounding and stability

    Becoming Grounded
    For helping kids feel more grounded and focus on the task at hand

    Mother of Pearl
    Emotional Fulfillment
    Soothing and comforting, this gem connects kids to maternal energy

      Gifts for Parents and Caregivers

      Ruby Dream
      Healing the Emotions
      To remain heart-centered and full of divine love

      Golden Leopard
      Supporting Inner Transformation
      To create and maintain healthy personal boundaries

      Fulfilling Your Potential
      To release stress and increase flexibility

        Gems for Pets

        Mother of Pearl
        Emotional Support

        For separation anxiety (great for “scaredy cats”)

        Dark Green Aventurine
        Purifying the Physical Body
        To support stronger organs

        Emotional Transformation
        For the pet who could use emotional support and stability

          Gems to Support Health During Holiday Travel

          Nature’s Nourishing Energies

          To support a connection to the Earth and to speed up recovery from jet lag

          Blood Tonic
          Strengthening and Purifying the Blood

          To improve immunity when confronted with viruses

          Solar Light
          Protection in Our Changing Environment

          To help protect cells from the damaging effects of radiation while flying

            Gems for Health, Wellness, Support, and Self-Care

            Blood Tonic
            Strengthening and Purifying the Blood
            To support blood health

            Revitalizing Your Being
            To help stave off colds

            White Beryl
            White Light and Purification
            To energetically clear and support the lymphatic system

              Emotional Comfort

              Radiant Heart
              Finding Inner Peace
              For support when going through a difficult change

              Ruby Rose
              Soothing the Heart
              To heal a broken heart

              Rose Flame
              Emotional Freedom
              To resolve emotional blockages and encourage emotional freedom 

              Mental Support

              Lavender Fire
              Healing the Mind
              To support overall brain function.

              Star Aqua
              Liquid Light Purification
              To provide energetic rejuvenation for the brain

              Developing Intuition
              To open and refine the intuition


              Pink Tourmaline Stones
              Empowering the Feminine
              For energetic protection from harmful external energies, such as the negative thoughts and emotions of others

              For shielding from others’ negative thoughts and emotions

              Blue Lace Agate
              Inner and Outer Strength
              To help strengthen one’s natural energetic signature and avoid picking up foreign thoughts or energies

                Gem Gifts for Everyone

                Attracting Life Force
                For a little more balance in life

                Poppy Jasper
                Enlivening Your Body
                For an extra boost of energy

                For fostering alignment in both body and spirit

                  Gems Under $150

                  These modestly priced gems are available with no sacrifice in quality. Perfect for smaller gifts or for those just getting started with Gemstone Energy Medicine. Shop gems under $150.


                  No matter how you celebrate your holiday, Gemisphere has the highest quality therapeutic gemstones to make your loved ones (and you) feel truly special. Browse our full holiday gift guide.

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