Therapeutic Gemstone Crystals for Her

To support, strengthen, and honor the women in your life or perhaps yourself, explore this specially selected group of therapeutic gemstone crystals chosen for their resonance with feminine energy.

Brigid for the healing, soothing, and protective energy needed for optimal female health

Carnelian to support hormonal health

Yin Moon to support her yin energy 

Dawn Light to improve strength and stamina and help her find a more balanced life rhythm

Clear Topaz to support her in manifesting her vision of physical health

Mother of Pearl to connect with the Eternal Mother energy within

Pink Morganite to nurture self-love, acceptance, and emotional authenticity

Athena for courage, energetic protection, and strength

Master Healer to help resolve a chronic condition and bring spiritual awareness to a health challenge

Rubelle to support hormonal health, provide profound energetic protection, and empower her to reach her full potential 

Heart’s Wisdom to foster emotional clarity and awareness of her soul’s purpose

Apatite Vitality to support bone health